[Video] Helicopter of Leicester City’s Owner vigoriously vibrating before crash


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The tail rotor is claimed to lead to the lethal accident.

This is the footage of the £6m Agusta Westland AW169 helicopter carrying Thai owner of Leicester City football club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprab, which crashed right outside the club’s stadium just some moments after taking off from the pitch.

Video: Leicester City owner helicopter crashes: the moment aircraft was out of control

Some suspect the white smoke emanating from the engine was the culprit that made the copter vigorously spin right after it left the ground but this idea was turned downed by experts.

Vichai celebrates the Premier League trophy with Leicester city

Vichai used to be with Leicester City win the Premier League

Vichai's Helicopter in Leicester City's Stadium

Vichai's helicopter before the crash

This tragic just happened some hours after his team drew 1-1 with West Ham in the Premier League.

A former RAF Puma crew member and also an aviation expert claimed it was the tail rotor that led to the lethal accident.

He had his say with The Sun:

“It is so shocking to see. From the video it definitely appears to be there was a problem with the tail rotor.

“Either they lost control of it, or lost power to it, which is every pilot’s worst nightmare.

“As soon as that happens the fuselage starts spinning in the opposite direction to the main rotors.

“There’s no real coming back from that. The only way is down.

“The pilot has clearly done an incredible job, really.

“He’s obviously waited until the helicopter was clear of the stadium then taken it down.”

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The tail rotor is claimed to lead to the lethal accident

The debris of Vichai's Helicopter after the crash

The crash stole the lives of Vichai and 4 others

The expert added:

“What really is odd is seeing the pilot do his checks on the ground and the tail rotor is fine.

“Just seconds later it goes and the helicopter is out of control.

“It’s just a nightmare. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch are incredibly thorough. We won’t know the real cause until their investigation is finished.”

For their last match against Cardiff last Saturday, Leicester City chose to travel by bus to the stadium other than flying.

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