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Olu Okeowo cars before & after the seizure by Nigeria Custom Services


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The real estate billionaire Olu Okeowo who is considered the richest man in Lagos has a stunning car collection inside his air-conditioned garage. Check the post below for Olu Okeowo cars before and after the seizure of Nigeria Custom Services!

1. Olu Okeowo biography

People often know Olu Okeowo family via the leaked photos of his friends when visiting their house who were all stunned by the impressive Olu Okeowo cars. Not many of the public know details about this man origin as well as his surrounding people. To provide you with the best piece of information, Naijauto journalists have gone great lengths in collecting below data.

  • Okeowo Olu profile

Olu Okeowo (or Okeowo Olu) is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gilbratar Constructions Nigeria. The company specializes in giant estate projects and building gigantic mansions for super rich only.


With a wealthy foundation, Sir Olu Okeowo set up his own firm - Gilbratar

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father – Sir Pa Taiwo Okeowo was already a billionaire in his lifetime. Olu Okeowo was inherited such enormous properties as his base to found Gibraltar.

  • Olu Okeowo state of origin

The property mogul was born in Ijebu-ode, Ogun state, but is residing in Ikoyi Lagos.

  • Olu Okeowo age

Olu Okeowo was born in May, 1965. The billionaire had a lavish 53th birthday celebration last year in his Palacio de Okeowo mansion inside the luxury Park-view estate in Ikoyi.

The party used top-notch champagne brands in the world such as Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon, Pol Roger or Ace of Spade and had gathered the biggest names in the region like governors of Lagos & Ogun states as well as many other wealthy businessmen in his personal network.

  • Olu Okeowo wife

Olu Okeowo wife is Lady Adejoke Okeowo. The couple has 3 handsome sons.


The happy family celebrating Lady Adejoke birthday together (Source: Shugaentertainment)

Some rumored Olu Okeowo had a second wife in the US but this is not true. In 2014, it’s reported that Olu Okeowo impregnated his lover – Lolade Olamide but did not consider her as his second wife.

  • Olu Okeowo baby

As mentioned above, Olu Okeowo had impregnated Olamide and refused to pick her as second wife. The property mogul shared that he wanted to save his marriage but would take responsible for the new born baby.


Olu Okeowo remained to keep his marriage with Mrs. Adejoke safe

Initially, Olu Okeowo asked Olamide to terminate the pregnancy but this woman insisted on giving birth to her baby whether Oleowo accepted his paternity or not. The child was born in 2014 in a private hospital in the United States.

2. Olu Okeowo cars before and after NCS seizure

Before being checked by Nigeria Custom Services, Olu Okeowo possesses 6 Rolls Royce, 2 Bentley, 1 Mercedes-Benz, 1 Range Rover and 1 Cadillac Escalade. After the seizure, the car collection of the property mogul is claimed to lack the presence of some Rolls Royce.

Below are the full fleet of luxury cars inside his garage:

2.1. Olu Okeowo Rolls Royce

When reading Rolls Royce, did you ask what model it is? Well, Naijauto do not say exactly its model because this man owns up to 6 Rolls Royce automobiles in his garage. The information was leaked through one of his friend but the source couldn’t be sure whether that’s all Rolls Royce in the billionaire car collection.


The information leaked out after a friend visit

According to this guy, Olu Okeowo has numbered his 6 Rolls-Royce limousines by customized plates as GIBRALTAR 1,2,3,4,5,6, among which there are 4 Rolls Royce Phantoms and 2 Rolls Royce Ghosts.

The price of a Phantom is estimated at ₦260 million while the Ghost model is rather cheaper, at ₦150 million each.


The siblings Ghost and Phantom from Rolls Royce family

So, the total amount of money Olu Okeowo has spent on his Rolls Royce fleet is approximately ₦1.4 billion.

2.2. Olu Okeowo Bentley Mulsanne

The property magnate was reported to buy himself a Bentley Mulsanne Limited Edition to celebrate his 52th birthday in 2017. The automobile cost up to ₦200 million and ranked among the rarest cars in the world as only 50 of them ever produced on Earth.


Olu Okeowo will surely order a personalized name plate for his Mulsanne

2.3. Olu Okeowo Bentley Continental

Before buying the limited Mulsane, this billionaire has acquired a Continental GT whose starting price is ₦82 million.


Check the latest deco inside this Bentley Continental GT 2019!

2.4. Olu Okeowo Range Rover

The Range Rover Jeep of the billionaire is of limited edition, just like other cars in his AC garage. The luxury product from Land Rover is suggested at a ₦40 million price tag.


Another limited edition in Olu Okeowo car collection!

2.5. Olu Okeowo Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

This automobile model is a must-have in every car collection of the richest individuals, ranging from the infamous car fleet of senator Dino Melaye to the most wealthy woman in Africa - Folorunsho cars for her family.


If affordable, one can't miss out the legendary G-Wagon!

The price of this G Guard Mercedes-Benz is ₦45 million for base model.

2.6. Olu Okeowo Cadillac Escalade

Another limited edition car in Olu Okeowo auto colony is a Cadillac Escalade – the auto brand of American Presidents.

The car has luxury equipment and promises to bring the best driving experience for its passengers. Its suggested price is roughly ₦30 million.


The Cadillac Escalade can be tuned into a limousine like this!

2.7. Olu Okeowo cars seized by Nigeria Custom Services

In January 2018, Nigeria Custom Services had stormed the mansion of this billionaire because he was alleged to fail paying import duties on some of his luxury cars.

The NCS operatives checked through Olu Okeowo garage and seized some of his automobiles. The list was never revealed but eye witnesses affirmed there must be several Rolls Royce taken.


NCS has confiscated a lot of illegally imported goods

The development of story was then locked from the press. Till now there’s no update whether this old money man was prosecuted or not, or simply the incident has been resolved smoothly.

3. Olu Okeowo house - A French palace in Lagos

Being the leading real estate player in the country, Olu Okeowo owns a list of houses inside and outside the borders of Nigeria. However, the most noticeable Olu Okeowo house is his dream palace in the prestigious area Parkview, Ikoyi.

The white mansion is named Palacio de Okeowo and built in a 3-floor Victorian style, resembling the Basille Palace in France. The construction took 11 months, over 5 acres of land and around ₦4 billion to be completed, let alone the luxury furniture and decorations inside.


The house is fully covered with Marble

There are 16 rooms in total, a private Chapel, a Jacuzzi, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a lawn tennis and basketball courts. To take care of the edifice, Olu Okeowo has brought in many South Africans and Phillipinos living in the 2-floor staff quarters.

How Olu Okeowo holds his house-warming party?

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4. Olu Okeowo net worth

The latest estimation of Olu Okeowo net worth reaches $250 million, equivalent to ₦90.3 billion.

Now you know why he was willing to spend $12 million for his mansion and billions of naira for his car fleet. It’s just a small part of his annual expenditure.

5. Conclusion

We all wish to be as rich as Olu Okeowo and could ride luxury automobiles as Olu Okeowo cars one day. But money won’t come if we just sit here and wish. Always be grateful for what you have now and work hard, your endeavor will pay off in the future!

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Hassana Obi