Vera - the self-driving electric truck from Volvo opens a whole new era


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The second-biggest truck manufacturer has just unveiled its automatic electric truck without human compartment. This vehicle will be totally monitored from a remote office.

According to our latest news, Volvo Vera, which has just been introduced earlier this month, is a cables truck with totally automatic driving system and can be controlled from far distances.

The prototype is also announced to be compatible with all standard trailers.

Volvo Vera truck front look

Volvo Vera concept truck

This modest frame can bear up to 32-ton container and drive automatically

This smart vehicle is built to transport an enormous amount of cargo (up to 32 tons) back and forth factories and shipping ports. The head office will monitor then accordingly control every movement of these trucks through a wireless network service, saving a fortune on hiring employees to drive the fleet.

Vera – the future of autonomous transport

In a public statement, the automaker affirmed their ability to ensure the accuracy, safety then efficiency of this truck when put into use. They promise to keep track of “every vehicle’s position, batteries charge, load content” and countless parameters on the vehicle.

Clearly, should this scenario come true, the trucking industry will step into a totally new era with 100% autonomous operation. People, at that time, might feel happy as freeing themselves from strenuous task of driving or fall into misery due to unemployment.

Volvo Vera and trailer

Vera when being attached to trailers

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