200 vehicles in Surulere were smashed at midnight by hoodlums in masks


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Over 200 vehicles parked on the streets of Itire-Ikate area have been vandalized following a clash between hoodlums in Lagos. Read the details and see pictures here!

Over 200 vehicles have been vandalized in a Lagos street clash between hoodlums. The invaded streets where the vehicles were damaged include Shobande, Ogunmuyiwa, Bashorun, Lagos, Salami Bashorun, Ogunsami, Bashorun and other nearby streets contained within Oredola Community Development Association.


Over 200 vehicles were vandalized in the Lagos street clash between hoodlums

The street fight was reported to have happened on Friday, November 8 and the residents of the communities were left in tears as they counted their loose from the aftermath.

Naijauto gathered that the fight was between area boys from Wosilat and Shobande streets. They stormed the vicinity around 11:30 pm with hammers and cutlasses and broke the windscreens and windows of the vehicles parked by residents on the street.

The hoodlums who were said to be masked saw the tensed atmosphere as an opportunity to attack and dispossess some people of their valuables.

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Street fights in Lagos remain a serious problem, endangering the lives of people nearby

A mechanic identified as Amuda Olisa, whose shop was in the area, stated that two factions of area boys in the area were responsible for the crisis. He added that his customer's vehicles were vandalized, leaving him to foot the bills for their repairs.

He said,

"On Friday, around 11.30pm, the hoodlums invaded the area and started breaking the windscreens of vehicles that were parked on the streets. They carried out the operation till 1am, but when the police came, they had already vandalised a lot of vehicles. The boys are from Shobande and Wosilat streets, but the police did not arrest them.

The fight started on Thursday, but the police were able to chase the hoodlums away. On Friday night, they reinforced and started vandalising vehicles. We were hearing the sound of vehicles being smashed with cutlasses and hammers, and they also robbed people."


The hoodlums also robbed people of their valuables during the clash

One of the residents of Itire-Ikate, Yusuf Abubakar told local media that the windscreens and windows of over 200 vehicles were damaged during the raid. He also said that the chairman of the Itire-Ikate area, Ahmed Apatira, paid a visit to the invaded streets to assess the level of damages.

Abubakar said,

"The windscreens of vehicles that they destroyed were over 200. We were just hearing sound around midnight and residents, who peeped through their windows, estimated that the hoodlums were over 30 and were armed with cutlasses, torch lights and other weapons, with which they vandalised the vehicles.

In the morning, we realised that a lot of vehicles had been destroyed on my street; it was later that we realised that vehicles parked on six other streets were also destroyed."

The state police PRO, Bala Elkana, stated that the vandalization vehicles were only 12 but the residents insisted that it was over 200 vehicles, saying that the police didn't visit all the invaded streets and had only visited one street.

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