Vehicle cemetery and other creepy places in the world


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The vehicle cemetery and other creepy places in the world you should be wary of if you do not want multiple nightmares. Check out these places!

We are made to understand here on Naijauto that there are some abandoned places in the world that you should wish you never get to pass or wake up one morning and find yourself there. These mysterious or abandoned places will shake your soul and take you to another dimension in fear. We have taken our time and decided to come up with vehicle cemetery and other creepy places in the world.

1. Sunken yacht in Antarctica

This scary ghost-like sight of a buried yatch inside the water is the Brazilian ship, Mar Sem Fim. This yacht was wrecked very close to Ardley Cove in the Antarctica. The mission on this wrecked yatch was to film a documentary by set of Brazilians, who fell victims to very strong wind.  This made them to escape imminent danger by abandoning the ship. The ship was later salvaged after its hull had been cracked by the water.


The creepy image of a Brazilian wrecked and sunken yacht in the Antarctica 

2. Domino Sugar Factory in New York

This huge sugar factory was abandoned in Brooklyn, in the city of New York. The Domino Sugar factory used to be the biggest sugar refinery in the world in 1882. The problem with the factory started in 2000, when the workers protested over their wage and other living conditions. This strike was tagged as the longest strike in the history of New York. It lasted for 20 months. Since stop of operation in 2004, the factory has been abandoned till date.


This abandoned Domino used to be the largest sugar factory in the world

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3. Willard Asylum, Willard in New York

This place is one of the creepiest places on Earth. It was established in 1869 for the chronically insane people. It used to house more than 4,000 at one time people before it was finally shut down in 1995. One very creepy thing about this asylum is its morgue which has witnessed more than 50,000 corpses since inception. That was half of people accommodated within the wall.


This place used to house the most chronic retarded people in United States, also with their corpse

4. City of Pripyat

This city was formed in Ukraine 1970 and used as Soviet nuclear city which was very close to border of Belarus. Pripyat was inhabited by workers at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The problem started in 1986 when there was a disaster that led to a forceful evacuation of people from the city. That is why it is regarded as a ghost city still haunted by the nightmare from the unforgettable night.


This city is still being haunted by the nightmare of the terrible night of disaster

5. Hashima Island in Japan

A once coal filled island that housed five thousand workers was deserted due to the lack of coal to be extracted. Till date, the island has been a shadow of what it used to be.


This city has been in shamble and deserted since the last coal was taken from it 

6. Kolmanskop in Namibia

This used to be decent and small settlement located in Namibia, due to discovery of diamond by the German, the place flourished and grew to become a city in the 1900s. In the post-World War 1 era, people got more greedy and the diamonds were massively extracted which led to its depletion. By the time it was 1950, the city had become barren and deserted. Today, tourists and photographers all over the world visit the place.


This formerly illustrious city became shadow of itself after demise of diamond era

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7. Church of the Ghost in Lukeva, Czech Republic

This church of nine ghosts located in Lukeva fell to lack of repair which eventually led to the crumbling of the ceiling in the middle of a funeral service in 1968. It was seen as bad omen by the local residents in that town and decided to hold their service outside. Since it was seen as an important part of the town, a local artist decided to redeem the church by putting eerie phantoms in the church, hereby creating a haunting and creepy experience by bringing the attention of the spirits back to the church.


This Church of Ghost is one of the creepiest places you could ever think of finding yourself

8. Deserted doll factory in Spain

This place looks exactly like scene in most horror movies. It is enough to give you sleepless nights. With several dolls scattered around the abandoned factory, fear seems to be an understatement.


This abandoned doll factory in Spain is the definition of creepiness 

9. Car graveyard in Belgium

This haunting place was used by the United States soldiers after the Second World War to hide their vehicles. The vintage cars were left to rust in one of the Belgian forests. The US soldiers that were stationed in the Chatillon Village kept those cars in the wood for later use. However, after the end of the Second World War, they were asked to return home but couldn’t afford the luxury of taking their cars with them. This however became cemetery filled with lots of cars. This sight is indeed very creepy and scary.

Chatillon Car Graveyard

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10. Abandoned cinema house in Detroit, Michigan

This is one creepy place you do not want to launch your film watching career. Detroit used to be a very prosperous city until the fall of the motor industry which led to the collapse of the city. The sight of this deserted magnanimous city theatre is a reminder of how beautiful the city was.


This haunted room must be magnificent at its time! (Photo source: Matt Lambros Solent)

11. Unoccupied homes in Ireland

When you first glance through these Irish homes, you might wonder what is actually wrong with these beautifully designed homes but it starts getting creepy when you take a deep look and discover nobody is actually staying in this estate.

These houses were never deserted but they were never inhabited in the first place. This was due to the collapse of housing program in 2008, which comprised many unoccupied houses in Ireland. Imagine yourself walking through this city in the night all by yourself. Well, good luck to you.


The creepy thing about these beautiful houses is that there is no single person living in them

12. Isla de las Munecas, Mexico City, Mexico

This place will creep you out. Mere visiting here for once, you might have nightmares for years. It is one of the eeriest deserted places on earth. It all started with a caretaker in that particular area who discovered the body of a dead young girl. In order to appease her wandering spirit, he had to place dolls everywhere in the town including on fences, trees and several other places. What makes this place creepier is that the same caretaker that found the girl was also found dead in the same place.


With so many dolls scattered around, this is quite a weird and creepy place to visit

13. Floating forests in Sydney, Australia

This occurred when a large steam ship, SS Ayrfield was set to be demolished and dismantled after the World War 2 at the shipyard. However, they couldn’t touch the Ayrfield and other ships because the yard was shut down earlier than planned. This led to forests erupting from those floating ships after many years of abandonment.


Nature has really taken its turn on these abandoned floating ships

14. Oradour in France

642 innocent people comprising the young and the old were mistakenly slaughtered by the Nazi soldiers, thinking they were enemies hiding in the town in 1944. It was after the slaughter they got to know that the intended officers were actually in another village. After the incidence, another village was erected close to the slaughtered village as a reminder of the unfortunate incidence.


The whole city is in ruin as 642 people were brutally slaughtered by the Nazi soldiers

Final words

Some of these places are rarely visited by people. However some have become tourist places for people all over the world to visit and take pictures. If your plan is to visit the creepy places, we wish you all the best time.

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