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[Must See] USS Hartford Submarine breaks through thick Arctic sea ice to reach visible surface

This is just amazing. You really need to see how this US owned nuclear submarine breaks through very thick ice in order to reach the surface. Check it out here!

You can trust us at Naijauto.com to always bring you amazing updates and exciting stories like this incredible ice-breaking moment by the USS Hartford nuclear submarine. It was unbelievable watching the nuclear submarine having to break through massive feet of deep ice just to access the surface right in the Arctic Circle at Alaska (north).

This moment was witnessed and recorded at the Ice Exercise of multinational maritime participated by the USS Hartford fast-attack nuclear submarine as well as the submarine of the UK’s Royal Navy. In the exercise, the warfare capabilities of both submarines were being tested and recorded.


The USS Hartford nuclear submarine is capable of operating at very high-speed underwater for several months

We have seen lots of battery or diesel-powered submarines in the past that needs to frequently surface for refueling process, this is really improved in the USS Hartford submarine. It is capable of operating underwater at very high speed for several months without any frequent surfacing for refueling.

View from Control Room: Submarine Crashes Through Arctic Sea Ice

The amount of power generated by the reactors of these nuclear submarines is more than large enough to keep powering a small city over many years steadily. No wonder they could last several months underwater and still operate at their apex speeds. As a matter of fact, the Borei class (2nd largest submarine), the Typhoon class (Russia), and several nuclear submarines owned by the U.S have been designed to never get refueled in their lifespans.

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Oluwaseun Solomon