Woman drives used car, only to go up in flames 22 minutes later after purchase


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Did she really inspect the car thoroughly before sealing the deal? Anyway, even a bad used car can't just go in flames only 22 minutes after being bought from the store. Read the story now!

No, this isn't a thriller movie. It happened in reality.

As shared by Naijauto.com here.

A woman from Wisconsin in the US has just made a bad deal with a used car dealer. And she really wants her money back. It was indeed a horrible day for her when the used 2006 Chrysler Pacifica she bought from the car dealer caught fire, just after 22 minutes of purchasing the crossover. The fire department from Grafton, WI shared some photos of the burning car to point out the extent of damage the car got from the fire outbreak. And as said earlier, the woman is making an attempt to have her money refunded to her. The car dealer sold the 2006 Chrysler Pacifica to the buyer at $2,900 (~N1 million).

The woman identified as Nicole Brandt was reported to have purchased the car from a car dealer named Big Bill's Used Cars.


Unfortunately, Nicole did not get the refund

According to Nicole, the money has been kept aside as savings for two years, for the purpose of buying a car. Not up to an hour, she made the purchase, the Chrysler Pacifica began smoking.

Reports said that Big Bill's Used Cars have agreed to refund Nicole's money back to her. However, it seems Nicole Brandt is having problems getting the money. Her bank told her they've not gotten any notification stating the money has been transferred back to her account, irrespective of the fact that Nicole has a receipt of the refund. The reason for the issue coming up is that she hasn't insured the vehicle so there was no way of recovering her money back.

The law enforcement officers and fire department weren't able to place a finger on what might have caused the fire. Not that they wanted to find out. With the Chrysler Pacifica gone and her money as well, this incident is leaving Nicole without a car and making her poorer.

One question begging to be answered is this: Did this woman carry out a used vehicle inspection before closing the deal? And for the car, being insured, you can say it's been barely an hour she purchased the car. This shows the importance of car insurance in case of problems like fire or accident happening. The insurance company can now act on your behalf by way of indemnity.


Having auto insurance avoids you headache in unwanted incidents

As we are living in Nigeria, let's learn about insurance policies here. You can refer to our previous posts on All you need to know about Nigeria auto insurance policy or [Nigeria Insurance Industry Database] How to check your car insurance policy online.

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Jane Osuagwu
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Jane Osuagwu

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