​Released 2018 data shows mass refusals of US Visas for Nigerian travelers


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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A report has confirmed what many Nigerians long suspected: that the US is increasing visa denials for the country's citizen. Are you a traveler? See details of the report here!

If the hunt for a US visa in Nigeria used to be tough, indications are that it is set to get even harder. A new report that has just surfaced show that US embassy denials of visa for Nigerians reached a peak in 2018, and given the current immigration policy of the Trump administration, it is a trend likely to continue.

1. Statistics of US Visa for Nigerians in recent years

In 2018, 143,783 applicant s were granted the US non-immigrant visas, as opposed to a figure of 168,980 visa granted just a year before in 2017. The figure was 179, 145 in 2016.

There have been claims by various parties, some of them even the US embassy about the enviable position Nigeria enjoys United States visa wise in the world. The data however belies any claims to preferential treatment to Nigerians. In the same year, Nigerian successful visa applicants accounted for a minuscule 1.6% of all 9,028,026 visas issued.

The champ and darling of United States Consular services currently appears to be China, with a 16.2% share or 1,464,810 successful applications out of the total number. Mexico is a close second (1,372,420), India in third place (1,006,802), Brazil fourth position (641,820), and South American country Argentina fifth of the top ten with (341,282).


Many Nigerians seek greener pastres in the United States and Eurpe, and getting a visa is the first step

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2. More Nigerians are refused to get US visas?

It is true that Nigeria still retains somewhat favorable status in Africa. Out of a total of 493,989 African visas, of course Nigeria’s 143,783 stamped documents are a solid 29%. Still, this apparent favored country posture could just be a mirage. When you consider the fact that more Nigerians apply for a visa than any other African country, then it is not so difficult to account for the data.

To get a true picture, look at the refusal rate of 57.47%. This means that basically more than 1 in every 2 Nigerians were denied entry to the United States on a B-Visa, the most common visitor visa. That denial percentage also puts Nigeria square in the center of other countries with similar rates such as Syria, Iraq, Burkina Faso, and Burundi, countries that are by no measure stellar examples of democracy and civil rights.   


Data clearly shows Nigeria has pretty low numbers compared to volume of application

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Still other countries in the good books of US Consular are Philippines at 238,684 successful applications, Colombia which records 235,410, the nation of Israel receiving 186,461, and finally Ecuador closing the top ten with 164,651.

As frustration and severe government criticism continue to trail the US Consular handouts in Nigeria, Nigerians can only hope for a shift in policy to this once promising friend of the United States.


How Nigerians react to the report online

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