US visa ban will affect vulnerable Nigerians - Information & Culture Minister


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Nigeria’s current Minister of Information and culture, Lai Mohammed has reacted to the looming US visa ban on Nigeria.

Following the currently circulating rumors that the United States is planning to place a Visa ban on Nigeria, Lai Mohammed – the Minister of Information and Culture has reacted by revealing the Federal government’s view on the matter in his recent speech. Read on to catch what has been reported by Reuters as the Minister visited London on a visit to meet international media and several think tanks across the globe.


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed says that the US Visa ban remains a rumor till F.G is officially informed

The Nigerian head of Information and Culture disclosed that the speculative ban on Nigeria would affect Nigeria on the whole but the vulnerable would suffer the most and that the decision made depends largely on negative tales by naysayers, for which he called for well thought moves in the future.

“On the issue of the travel ban our position is that it is still speculative because we are yet to be communicated. When we are communicated we will respond comprehensively.

“However, in our view it was not well thought out but based largely on negative narratives spread by naysayers.

“I know that we are working very well with our neighbours to ensure that terrorism is addressed. We are working with international community including the EU and the US.

“Our advice to the US is that it should have a rethink on the issue because any travel ban is bound to affect investment and growth in the country and those who will be affected are the most vulnerable people in Nigeria.”

Also speaking of the visa ban, Lai Mohammed empathized the 

It’s now obvious that Nigerians will definitely have to just wait and see how things play out on this matter.

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