US presidential Limo got stuck midway out of the US Embassy


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US Secret Service spokesman denied all the question about this safest car in the world, saying that it was a decoy Limo. But who knows?

The two immortal names to auto enthusiasts are Aurus Senat that Vladimir Putin uses for each of his official rides, and the Beast - the US presidential car. And while the Aurus Senat is known to be the safest 4-wheeled vehicle on earth, the Beast was once involved in a satirical situation in a far-away land, Dublin, Ireland.


The Beast got stuck on the way out of the US embassy in Dublin

The incident has been being the talk of the town, as the Beast stuck on a slope on its way out of the US embassy in Dublin. Reading the situation quite well, the Secret Service agents quickly cover the scene by directing a bus nearby to evade from the lenses of media.

With the Beast getting stuck in the midway, the rest of the fleet had to withdraw to depart from another exit, leaving a question whether the then-President Obama and his wife was in the car.


A grey bus was instructed to block the view of media and the crowd nearby

Video of Obama 'Beast' Cadillac limo stuck on ramp in Ireland

Speaking of the incident, the US Secret Service spokesman confirmed with reporters that it was a decoy that carried members of Obama’s staff while he and his wife Mitchell Obama were in the real presidential Limo.

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