US-based Nigerian to introduce electric and solar-powered cars into Nigerian market


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A US-based Nigerian is set to launch electric and solar-powered cars into Nigeria. Nigerians will have alternatives to combustion engine cars!

A US-based Nigerian Francis Van Lare is blazing the trail of electric vehicles (EV) in Nigeria as he is set to introduce cars that are both electric and solar enabled into the country. The cars which will be a first in Nigeria will be powered by batteries that can be recharged with both electrical and solar energy.


CEO Van Lare and his partners at a meeting

Lare who resides in Atlanta has disclosed that the vehicles can be fully charged by sunlight. This is great news as Nigeria is blessed with more than enough sunlight. Simply leaving the vehicles outside will get them well charged. But in the rainy season when there is limited sunlight, the vehicles can be charged with electricity.

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The automaker noted that charging the vehicles with electricity in Nigeria might be a challenge as the country still battles with having constant electricity. However, he said that his company was working on finding a solution to it. For starters, they will create electrical charging stations in multiple fuel stations across Nigeria. With these, Nigerians who own the EV will have places to charge them.

Speaking further, the CEO revealed that the vehicles are equipped with some of the latest car technologies, including a payment system and a GPS. He also disclosed that the company will not accept cash payments from individuals who want to purchase the new vehicle. All payments will be done with the use of credits and bank cards.

Highlighting the benefits of this development to the Nigerian economy, Lare said that it would create several job opportunities for the Nigerian youth, especially electrical and mechanical engineers.

The testing of the vehicle is scheduled to commence in Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha.

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