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When completed, the proposed Fourth Mainland Bridge is set to become the longest bridge in Africa by 34km. Click here for more amazing facts updated about the bridge!

Bridge has always been awe and an engineered masterpiece across the globe. Amazingly, there are several bridges in the world that we never thought could happen. The idea itself looked impossible in terms of construction and several other factors. But here they are today connecting cities and people. These bridges have stood the test of time and proven to be work of pure brilliance. Every nation has a story to tell about bridges within its territory. Such is the case with Nigeria.

Despite the presence of many bridges in the country, the proposed Fourth Mainland bridge in Lagos couldn’t come at a better time. This is because Lagos has a strong reputation for severe traffic. Having a new bridge might be an alternative solution to the connecting problems in some parts of the state. Here on Naijauto are the factual updates on the Fourth Mainland bridge in Lagos.

Updated facts about the Fourth Mainland bridge in Lagos

1. It was in 2003 during the administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu that the idea of the fourth mainland bridge was brought into light.

2. The primary idea behind the bridge is to proffer solution to the transportation challenges accustomed with rapid growing places like Eti Osa, Lekki and Epe in Lagos.

3. The proposed construction plan for the bridge is to drastically reduce the height of traffic on Carter, Eko and Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

4. NLE studio, a renowned architectural firm was responsible for the conceptual design of the proposed fourth mainland bridge.

5. The conceptual design for the bridge by NLE was later approved by the Lagos State government in 2008.

The proposed fourth mainland bridge will have two levels- one for vehicles, other for pedestrians

6. With a highway designed speed of 140km, the bridge is set to be 38km in distance.

7. One of the amazing things about this bridge is that, it is designed to be two-layer bridge. The upper part will be for movement of vehicles while the lower part will serve the purpose for pedestrian and several forms of socio-cultural interactions.

8. There will be eight interchanges on the bridge to ensure efficient inter-connectivity of several cities in the state.

9. The proposed bridge will consist of four-lane dual carriage lane. Each of them will comprise three lanes with 2 meters hard shoulder on each side.

10. The fourth mainland bridge will consider future expansion in carriageway and light rail facility.

11. Over 800 buildings have been marked by the state government for demolition. That space will eventually be used for the construction of the bridge. Those people affected will be duly compensated or get relocated to another part of the state.

12. The bridge will set standard as the first expansion bridge and expressway without any form of funding from the federal government. In concession, the project will be financed by private sector.

13. The current Executive Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016, engaging consortium of firms and finance houses to sponsor the construction of the bridge.

14. The firms that were engaged in involve in the financing of the proposed bridge include Julius Berger Nigeria Limited, Visible Asset Limited (coordinating firm), Access Bank, African Finance Corporation, Hi-tech Construction Company, Eldorado Nigeria Limited, J.P Morgan and Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine.

15. The construction cost of the proposed fourth mainland bridge was set at 844 billion naira.

16. After completion, the bridge will overtake the 6 October Bridge (20.5km) in Cairo, as the longest bridge in Africa.

17. The Lagos State government on the 22nd May, 2017, cancelled the entire contract signed with these consortium firms due to delay in the commencement of the agreement.


18. Though the government to announce a new concessionaire in 2018, nothing has been heard about it till date.

19. The newly elected governor of Lagos, Mr. Sanwo-Olu once said in his election campaign this year that the construction of this 4th Mainland Bridge would not be prioritized.

So, we hope we get to see this bridge set into motion sooner enough despite the new governor elect, Babajide Sanwo-olu not prioritizing the bridge during his campaign. Though the construction of the bridge may pose many challenges and difficulties, it's a great solution to the traffic problems on the Third Mainland Bridge!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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