Teaser Video: Upcoming GMC Hummer EV to feature removable roof panels


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A new teaser video released by the U.S automaker, GMC shows that its upcoming Hummer EV will feature removable roof panels. Check out the video here!

Many car lovers are already excited at the idea of an electric-powered Hummer truck because excessive fuel consumption was one common complaint that made people lost interest in the older gasoline-powered version. To make things “sweeter”, the American truck manufacturer – GMC is continually revealing newer features of its upcoming Hummer EV that adds more “spice” beyond just being electrically-powered. In a new teaser video, the automaker gave a “feel” of the removable roof panels feature in the coming electric Hummer model.


Upcoming GMC Hummer EV will feature removable roof panels that add more “fun” to the ride

The new teaser video was released by the automaker as a compensation for the delayed debut of the GMC Hummer EV initially set for May 20 this year but postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. If things had gone as initially planned, we were supposed to be getting a first look at this interesting Hummer EV and not a teaser video confirming its “cool” new detachable roof panels.

Below is the recently released teaser video by GMC for the Hummer EV;

  2022 GMC HUMMER – Removable Roof Panels – teaser

As you can see from the above teaser video, users will be able to enjoy a view of the sky directly from 3 openings in the Hummer EV roof. The rear side of the truck features a T-top design opening while the front passengers’ side gets a large opening at the roof part. GMC claims that it wants users to get unparalleled open-air experience with the easily detachable roof panels featured in the Hummer EV.

In case you are curious to know about the engine and power and of this coming Hummer EV, let’s hint you with the little we know. As you would already expect, it won’t come with the usual V8 internal combustion engine rather it will be controlled by 3 electric motors that will draw power from GM’s latest Ultimum batteries. This setup will produce 1,000hp and 11,500 lb-ft of axle torque for the truck. GMC also mentioned that the Hummer EV will be able to accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3 seconds. And that’s about all the information we have for now.

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