Unexplainable car accident compilation


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Try to explain and you will fail!

The world is home to a multitude of uncanny facts needing us to discover. The existence of aliens or ghosts is some to name. But there are also things that we witness on regular basis but never can explain why it happens.

Check out these car accident scenes and you will be left dumbfounded:

Driving being hanged after accident

the victim car sink into a pool

Car flies into barrier

Car run on two rear wheels

Car crashes into the roof

Car flies into a high building

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Car stuck between a tree and a post

Car stands on its front end after accident

two car stuck together in a gate

train bumps into a crossing car

Car sinking down

Kangaroo finds ways to the car's grille

Horse bumps through the windshield

Two car collides right at the gate

bent car

Car gets into hole

Giant ball crushes the car

Car flies into a house

Lamborghini gets under a Honda SUV

Watch this video for weirdest car accidents:

Video: 30 World's Weirdest Car Accidents

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