Underlying messages behind 10 famous auto brand logos (Part 2)


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You may easily recognize a car brand based on its logo, but do you know the story behind?

In part 1, we have looked through typical auto makers, mostly from Japan to decipher their logo meanings. 5 more car badges with its hidden messages will be presented today as follow.

6. Mitsubishi

Not many people may know the brand name “Mitsubishi” is formed of two Japanese words – “Mitsu” (meaning three) and “Hishi” (referring to water chestnut. Understanding this, we can easily realize why it chose the symbol of 3-leaf clover as current brand logo.

Mitsubishi's logo

Mitsubishi’s God of Luck

This car badge was designed by Tosa Clan, an employee working for the company itself, aiming to deliver the luck to its auto customers. It’s because 3-leaf clover plant is associated with pure luck in Japanese culture. After presenting his idea, Tosa’s 3-leaf-clover symbol has been chosen as Mitsubishi logo by Iwasaki Yataro – the founder of the company.

7. Volvo

Volvo’s logo is among the oldest and most popular symbols in Western countries. The classic arrow rising upwards through the circle is a typical mark of iron industry. Not an exception, Volvo cars represent all traits of Swedish long-lived iron products like high durability, ensured quality and remarkable safety.

Besides, Volvo logo is also a reminder of Martian planet of Roman period while in Egyptian language, the brand name means the new car.

Volvo's logo

Volvo’s distinct mark in auto industry

8. Mazda

What strikes you at the first glimpse through Mazda’s logo is the pair of wings inside an uneven circle? You are right about the wings – the symbol of liberty and creative spirit. However, it’s not exactly wings. It is a stylised “M” put inside the ring of Ephesians which represents the sun. The overall design gives out a sense of flexibility and readiness to welcome all challenges in our modern era.

Mazda's logo

Mazda hopes to spread its wings over the entire auto world.

A bonus for you all, Mazda is named after the God of Wisdom and Harmony in early Asian societies – Ahura Mazda, and the current logo has just been used since 1998.

9. BMW

Apart from the brand name embedded on the ring, the meaning of other details on BMW logos are unknown to most drivers. According to an Executive Board member of BMW, the blue and white box is inspired by a silver propeller spinning its blade against the crystal sky ground. Also, as the company used to paint its airplanes blue and white, it decides to keep these original colors in its auto logo.

BMW's logo

BMW’s logo recalls spinning propellers against the blue sky.

10. Subaru

Subaru’s logo may be the one with most stars on it. The largest star is placed towards the left corner represents its parent company – Juji Heavy Industries. Others smaller lying down the right side refer to 5 subsidiaries of the corp, in which Subaru is responsible for auto manufacture.

Subaru’s largest star symbolizes Juji Heavy Industry

Overall, Subaru’s car badge features a group of Pleiades located inside Taurus constellation.

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