Underlying messages behind 10 famous auto brand logos (Part 1)


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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You may easily recognize a car brand based on its logo, but do you know the story behind?

Okay, give you any car logo and you can tell which brand they belong to, but do you know the meaning behind these logos and why they are designed a such a way?

Car logos often reflect the rich history of the car manufacturer. Often it's not only the company's past, but also beliefs, not only the company's dreams, but also vision. Sometimes they are simply the car brand's national identity.

Today, Naijauto.com will decipher 10 popular car logos in the world, beginning with the giant from Japan.

1. Toyota

The ellipse-shaped logo of current Toyota’s products was first introduced nearly 30 years ago, in 1990 to be more exact. Its 3 interlocking patterns represent values this company most treasures, which are product quality, customer-centered approach and constant effort in developing innovative technologies.

What’s more, the space between ovals resembles unlimited opportunities and hi-tech breakthroughs for future brands of this car maker. Last point to mention is you can spell Toyota by using letter symbols hidden in its logo.

Toyota logo

Toyota logo hides different layers of meaning

2. Nissan

Covered in silver and grey colors, Nissan logo represents its motto: “Innovation that excites.” Besides that, silver is also preferred color in Japanese culture to imply high quality, irresistible charm, innovative thoughts and a strong might to rank the first in car manufacturing industry.

Another worth-knowing fact is Nissan is short for the phrase Japanese industrial production in this language, which’s pronounced Nihon Sangyo. Nissan car badge also appeared after its original company merged with DATSUN.

nissan logo

Nissan's simple but meaningful logo

3. Honda

First started as a motorbike brand in the last century, Honda decided to step into car industry in 1963 with its modest emblem. The H letter outstanding from trapezoidal background may look cute at first glimpse but refers to the time-tested durability, confidence and magnificence of the company products. The H shaped like a man standing on his feet has delivered a strong message to its rivalries in this competitive field.

Honda logo

Honda long-standing car badge

4. Ford

Embedded in the blue and white flattened oval is Henry Ford’s signature. The chairman of this firm shows much interest in affirming its status in the car world with the rigid symbol and clear-cut slogan “Hallmark for economy and reliability.”

It’s definitely not an accident when he chose blue and white as the main colors for Ford logo. While the white shade is associated with elegance, dignity and pure beauty, the blue background symbolizes the company’s longevity as well as its deliberate attention to customers.

Ford logo

The blue shade refers to over 100-year history of Ford cars

5. Volkswagen

It’s quite easy to spot two initial letters of the company name customized in Volkswagen logo. However, not many people understand what it means by “Volks” and “Wagen.” In German language, these two words mean people and car, when combined we have the full message: “The car for people.” Needless to say, the black and white colors simply highlight the eminent and professional design of these German products.

Volkswagen logo

The powerful vibe of Volkswagen’s logo

To be continued...

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