[UNBELIEVABLE] Man drove a car on reverse gear from V.I to Ikoyi in Lagos


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Can you imagine a Lagos driver used reveres gear to drive his car from V.I all the way to Ikoyi?

News like this surprises us here at Naijauto.com as we see people like this Lagos driver who we can only describe as just simply daring and unbelievable.

The Lagos driver featured in the below story is what some people will definitely describe as just “Crazy”. Although, we believe that he must have a really incredible car driving skills to have been able to pull this off.

What this Lagos driver did is very simple to say or write in words as he simply drove a car on reverse gear from V.I to Ikoyi Lagos. But, if you have ever driven a car or you are even a learning driver currently, you will probably understand how dangerous and hard it can be to drive a car reverse gear through a long distance.

Below is the video of this so-called Lagos driver as recorded by another driver:

Man reverses his car from Victoria Island to Ikoyi in Lagos

Reversing a car can be a very tricky thing to do sometimes especially on a busy commercial road like the one this man drove on (V.I to Ikoyi).

See some of the hilarious comments below that some Instagram users gave on this above video:


Hilarious Instagram comments and reactions on Lagos driver video


Funny Instagram comments and reactions on Lagos driver video

Some people rebuked this driver though, some just made fun out of the whole drama while the others propose that he should be arrested for such a life-endangering act. What do you think?

Anyways this is Nigeria, where you can get away with anything as long as you are not caught or as long as you have enough money to bribe the Law enforcement officers Lol 😊.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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