Unbelievable! Hummer Jeep sighted being used to convey bamboo stick from the timber market


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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While you are longing to own a Hummer jeep, this man is using his to carry bamboo sticks. See photos.

If you follow Naijauto.com closely, you may still remember our post of a Hummer Jeep used for selling commodities in Edo state. That’s incredible, but can you believe there’s someone who dares devalue his Hummer Jeep by using it to transport bamboo sticks from a timber market?

Hummer Jeep used for transporting bamboo trees

The Hummer Jeep became the center of attraction there in the timber market

Bamboo trees carried by Hummer Jeep

How dare this owner abuse this exotic vehicle!

The Hummer Jeep has much value as it's an exotic and luxury vehicle here in Nigeria. And some people could do anything just to have it parked at their car garage. However, this man has other things he does with his own Jeep. He didn't opt for a vehicle that serves such purpose as carrying a long bamboo stick. Rather he took his Hummer Jeep to one of the timber markets in the Southeast. And as expected, the SUV became the center of attraction there in the timber market.

This model started first as a military vehicle during the late 70s. It was built by AM General (under a contract with General Motors). It was introduced as an "H2 SUT”, with SUT meaning a sports utility truck.

a Hummer jeep testing the terrain

The Hummer is still a dream to many Nigerian people

The Hummer Jeep was customized with GMT820 Chevrolet 2500 as the base front and model 1500 frame at the back. The length is 203.5 in(about 5,169 mm) while the width is 81.3 in (about 2,065 mm). Actually, it is a longer and taller SUV. This could be the reason the Nigerian man decided to use it to convey the long bamboo stick from a timber market.

Do you know how much the Hummer Jeep is sold? Prices vary based on the model year. The 2005 model sells at #4,500,000 and the 2007 sells at #9,300,000. The Tokunbo or Nigerian-used sells at around #2,450,000. Now you know the worth of the Hummer Jeep turned into a bamboo carrier.

a black Hummer Jeep

This model started first as a military vehicle during the late 70s

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Jane Osuagwu
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