UN reacts to the vandalism of its vehicles and other valuables in Calabar


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The UN has decried the vandalism of its vehicles and other assets by ravaging crowd of suspected looters in Calabar recently. Read the full story here!

For quite some time now, ravaging crowds of young Nigerians have been looting public and private warehouses across the country. These mob attacks came in the light of the protest against the brutality and other misconducts associated with the police unit known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). While many young people have been on the hunt for palliatives meant for the Covid-19 purpose, others might have taken it to another level, looting private businesses and destroying the millions worth of properties in the process.


The suspected looters were spotted vandalizing the vehicles parked in the UN premises in Calabar

From what we learnt, the United Nation recently cried out prior to the attacks on its valuables in Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State. According to their report, the mob gained access to their brand office, where they ended up vandalizing their vehicles, furniture and other office equipment. A similar case was reported here a week ago when several people were injured, vehicles also vandalized from the attacks on End SARS protesters in Abuja.

The disturbing photos were shared on Twitter by Edward Kallon, who happens to be the United Nations Resident Coordinator in the country. Some photos shared by the username @Edward Kallon show the moment some of the vandals were taking off the spare tyre from one of the agency’s vehicle. Another picture shows the moment when the engine of another vehicle was vandalized by these suspected looters.

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Many of the sensitive documents were found all over the place, which was strongly condemned by the international organization. The Resident Coordinator, however, saw this act as a way of discrediting the laudable efforts of peaceful protesters who have been fighting against the prevalent police brutality towards youths in the country.

Meanwhile, the United Nations had declared its intention to support the End SARS movement, by publicly condemning the gross abuse of human rights and police brutality while appealing to the government to investigate the incident and bring all perpetrators to justice.

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