U.K company sets to develop an all-electric platform for Keke Napep soon


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A company based in the U.K called D2H is currently working on the design and development of a low-cost electric vehicle chassis for the popular Keke Napep. Interesting? Be the first to read!

The world is currently changing at a faster rate than it used to; electric cars are gradually becoming the “order of the day” and now there is a tendency that the popular tricycle that Nigerians call “Keke Napep” is going electric soon. Yes, you read that right.


U.K engineering firm, D2H is developing a new platform that could make tricycles (Keke Napep) become all-electric

No doubt, the 3-wheeled utility vehicle, which is called “Keke Napep” in Nigeria, is also very popular in Southeastern Asia as well as India and it’s currently sold in millions every year. Based on recent reports, a certain engineering company based in the United Kingdom, called D2H, is now working on the development of a low-cost environmental-friendly chassis for these popular tricycles.

According to fresh reports, D2H is currently leading a group of other smaller companies to develop an innovative EV chassis that could replace the current one being used by most of these tricycles. The new design is expected to meet the EU classification (L7E Heavy Quadricycle) which will basically mean that it will be exempted from the regular assessment involving a crash test. Nonetheless, D2H is saying that this LCEV chassis will be designed with high consideration for safety and performance.

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The Keke Napep which is also known as “Tuk-Tuk” in other parts of the world, could go electric any time soon

Photo Credit D2H Group

The present form of this upcoming electric chassis shown in the photos above currently uses proprietary steering, brakes, and suspension from a regular chassis but with battery packs kept between the tricycle’s rear wheels and also a front-mounted motor.  This current design weighs about 1,058 lbs (480kg) when the weight of the batteries is excluded. The managing director says the Consortium is currently envisaging a possible cooling provision that will be sufficient for more than 12 hours of continuous use.

Meanwhile, some talented Nigerians similarly showcased a solar-powered electric tricycle (Keke Napep) they built 2year back. Check it out in the video below;

  Assemble of the first solar-powered tricycle in Nigeria

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