Uber passenger filmed Nigerian men hanging on train, menaced by both men and the driver


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Nigerian men hanging on the train hurled insults on him and threw stones at the Uber driver's car, which left a side glass broken. The passenger is even threatened by the Uber driver to fix his window glass. See details here!

Minding one’s business seems to be a tall order nowadays. People derive so much pleasure from getting into the business of others as far as social media is concerned. Nigerian men hanging on a moving train in Lagos were not having any of that as they put an Uber passenger in his place for daring to poke his nose in their business.

According to the story posted online by the passenger identified as Dayo, he brought out his phone to record some men hanging on a moving train. These guys were not pleased by his action and reacted by hurling abuses and throwing stones at the car. The side window of the car got broken in the process.

Many Instagram users have commented to express their disappointment towards men riding train for free:


Comments below the post of Dayo

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The Uber driver then asked Dayo to pay for the broken window, which this man found ridiculous. Read the message he posted online:

"Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria. I love this country so much. But there’s still so much shit going on. This comes after I had a quite thrilling conversation with my uncle trying to convince him there’s hope, sadly he’s lost all faith and slowly I’m losing hope that things will change. Maybe it won’t maybe we are just too hurt to see the light. Here are my fellow countrymen hanging on a train which they didn’t pay for, because I captured everything on video some of them rained insults and others threw stones. One of the stone broke the side window and and hit me. It’s funny even the Uber driver created a huge scene just so he could get his money to fix the window threating to crack open my skull lol…..but still E go better!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER STAY POSITIVE ����"

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Well, he would have to pay for the broken mirror because he could not mind his business. Check his post on Instagram here!

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