[Video] See people’s reaction when UBER driver arrives in a ₦74m Lamborghini Urus


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How would you react if you ordered an UBER ride only for your driver to arrive in a ₦74million Lamborghini Urus SUV? Check out some people's reaction here!

Naijauto recently stumbled upon a hilarious video of an UBER driver who was playing pranks by driving a Lamborghini Urus SUV worth over ₦74million to pick up customers.


This guy with his ₦74million Lamborghini Urus SUV gave UBER customers a big surprise

He had a hidden camera placed on the dashboard of the Lamborghini Urus SUV which was recording the video while he used his smartphone to also capture the conversations simultaneously.


The passengers are more than happy when stepping inside

The most interesting part of the video was a big black “tough-looking” guy who was completely afraid throughout the entire ride to the extent of even begging to be dropped just halfway to his destination because the SUV was going really fast.


This might be you if you were in the prank

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On another note, some really hot-looking ladies found the entire experience exciting and even took the UBER driver’s phone number for a possible “hookup” in the future and one of them gave out her number as well to the driver 😊.

Check out the hilarious video below;


If you were the one that ordered for an UBER ride and then your driver arrives in a ₦74million Lamborghini Urus SUV, would you hop in?

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