Uber & Hyundai shake hands to produce fully-electric flying cars


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Uber & Hyundai plan to produce fully-electric flying cars for air taxi services to passengers. Check out its prototype photos and production details!

Leading car hiring service Uber is joining forces with top automaker Hyundai to release fully-electric flying cars offering air taxi services in the future.

After the announcement was made some time back, Hyundai brought the prototype and the aircar at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) Conference, an event that took place recently.


The flying car will have a designated station

According to reports gathered by Naijauto, the new automotive design will be electrically powered. With the capability of occupying no fewer than four passengers, the aircar will be landing vertically after taking off. At 100 percent charged, the flying car is able to reach the top speed of 322 kph after.

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Uber revealed its long-term plan for the flying car is to go autonomous but for the start, it will begin with human control operated by a pilot.

In addition to the released prototype, Hyundai also cracked the mystery of a landing space concept and a flying car design which will be used to convey passengers to the flying car’s station.

Prices for the services are yet to be announced by Uber given that the initiative is still in its developmental stages. The release of the prototype is one of the earliest developments of the project. No tests have been conducted yet by Hyundai.


Would it be the future of air transportation?

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Uber is optimistic to hold the first public testing of the fully-electric flying car this year, and officially kick off operations in 2023. It chooses the United States of American, particularly California and Texas, to be the first to use the provided service.

No pricing details revealed yet as the flying car is still in the developmental stages.

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