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Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Uber is making its service more appealing with the introduction of new financial services to both drivers and customers. Make payments with ease!


The Uber App has all the services offered by the company in one location for easy access

Uber is arguably the most popular ride-hailing service in Nigeria. Determined to lead its market, the company is out with a new financial service system called Uber Money, to facilitate financial activities of drivers and customers on its platform. 

With the new system, the long wait by drivers to receive payment every week is over. They do not have to rely on the instant cash-out system either. For every trip recorded, they will get paid in real-time – thanks to the new Uber Debit account. Drivers can register for the Uber Debit Account at no monthly cost. There is no separate system for using the service. It is fluidly integrated into the already existing Uber app for drivers.

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The company has another new service for its drivers called Uber Debit Card. The card enables drivers to save more of their earnings as they are rewarded for their spending on a daily basis.

Created to fit into Uber’s existing system, the new debit card allows cash back on gas – an operation that was introduced in 2018 on its Uber Pro platform. Drivers receive money back for gas purchases beginning from 3% up to 6%. Also in the works as an addition to the company’s offering is the Uber Wallet – a digital payment system on the App.

Drivers get to keep track of their transactions with the wallet. It gives them real-time information of their expenditure on all Uber services. Earnings made from one service can be transferred to another service with ease.

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Customers get to enjoy 5% cash back on payments made with the Uber Credit Card

Drivers are not the only ones to enjoy benefits from Uber. The company is also offering customers a better experience by re-introducing the Uber Credit Card in collaboration with Barclays. For all spending done on the various Uber services such as Uber Riders, Jump bikes and Scooters and Uber Eats, customers get a cash back of 5%.

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With a 5-year operation span in Nigeria, Uber is a leading car hailing service in the country, particularly in major cities such as Abuja and Lagos. Adding these new financial services to its platform will endear it to the hearts of many more people.

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