Uber driver’s murder in Lagos State has got the answer!


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Police finally arrested the culprits of the serious murder of an Uber driver in Lagos State. The gang was caught while dismantling the car to sell its spare parts. Read details inside!

Two criminals have recently been arrested by the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) affiliated Lagos State Police as being suspected to have killed an Uber driver and stolen his Hyundai automobile with the plate number EPE 676 EC.


Two suspects in the Uber driver’s murder

The arrest was executed under the directive from Zubairu Muazu, the new commissioner of State Police to Olatunji Disu of RRS, that the criminals must receive the punishment from the law.

The two suspected men, Gideon Achibong, 36 and Humble Peter Robert, 33, were discovered while they were dismantling parts of the stolen Hyundai Elantra to sell for a scrap metal store in Aboki Estate on February 4th, 2019.

The police revealed that Humble Peter Robert, along with other three people called Dolapo, Emma, and David had drawn up the conspiracy of the Uber car’s hijack three days before they did commit the crime.

On that day, four aforementioned suspects caught the Uber taxi at about 11 pm in Lekki and told the driver to take them to Ikate with the price of N1,000.


They caught a Uber taxi and killed the driver to hijack the Hyundai car

Peter Robert and his accomplices required the driver to stop before arriving at their destination as they urged to urinate and that’s the time they killed him. After having committed the murder, they pushed the dead body out of the automobile, then drove to the Beach road to hide the car two days before they found the buyer.

Said by Peter Robert:

I was sitting in front of the car with the driver. We seized and hit him with stones several times. He complained that he was sick. We pushed him beside the road and went away with the car, a wine colour Hyundai Elantra.

At the Beach Road, Lekki, where we parked the car, we swapped the number plate of the car with a Volkswagen Passat car (FKJ 708 CA) close by. We left it for two days hoping to contact buyers for the car.

He also confessed:

Emma, also a UBER driver, is our ring leader. He noticed that the driver was operating offline before deciding that we hijack the car from him. The following day when one of us visited where we hijacked the car. He noticed the guy’s remains was already in police body bag.

We contacted Archibong to assist us in disposing off the car. The buyers we invited indicated that they could only buy the car parts. It was in the process of dismantling the car that RRS patrol vehicle spotted us and arrested two of us. Emma, Dolapo and David are on the run.

The sad story of unfortunate Uber driver once again is a reminder for those who often drive at night. Please be extra careful and always inform your family of your whereabouts when travelling late at night.

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