Uber Copter & Uber Air - the brand new helicopter service to beat traffic gridlock


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UBER is consolidating its position as the leader in shared-ride by moving up into the air with its UBER Copter offering coming as early as the 9th of July, 2019. See the cost of this service here!

So UBER is already expanding out and is leading innovations is shared transportation. The company is consolidating its position as the leader in shared-ride by moving up into the air with its UBER Copter offering. This is aside the UBER air which UBER will roll out by 2023, which will be informed below by Naijauto.com!

1. What is UBER Copter service?

The helicopter service will be an on demand service that will only cover trips from the JFK airport to Lower Manhattan in New York. The trip will be completed by road to the customer’s location using the UBER taxis.


UBER Copter trip will be completed by road to the customer’s location using the UBER taxis.

UBER believes that the 30 minutes integrated chop-car ride will reduce passengers travel time by about an hour compared with if the whole trip were to be completed by road only.

UBER will look to start offering the service from the 9th of July. This ride will cost much more than the UBER taxi service, with price ranging from $200 (~N72,000) - $225 (~N81,000) for each person, which is about 300% higher than Taxi trips of similar distances.

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The UBER Copter service will for now cater for only UBER’s premium customers. Meaning the service will be available to only UBER’s Diamond and Platinum reward cards holding members. However, UBER expects to rile out the service to more customers soon. Confirming this, Eric Allison a spokesman for UBER in his interview with New York Times stated:

“Our plan is to eventually roll out UBER Copter to more UBER customers and to other cities, but we want to do it right,” speaking further he said, “The main goal of this initial venture is to understand the operations behind aerial vehicles.”

Enjoy your gridlock-free trip with UberCOPTER!

2. UBER Air is also coming soon

UBER Air will be an affordable alternative to land transport. UBER says it should begin commercial scale UBER Air services by 2023 starting with two pilot cities, Dallas and Los Angeles and a third city from any of the countries France, Australia, Japan, India and Brazil being muted.

From the muted countries, you could easily tell what UBER is looking at, a city that will meet the technology requirement in terms of readily available transport infrastructure that will support the UBER Air project.

Uber Air - Closer than you think

The company’s vision is to roll out an innovation aerial ride-sharing service that will be environmentally friendly, quiet, safe, economically viable and affordable transport alternative to existing solutions.

UBER Air will be integrated with the already existing UBER land ride-haling service, with customers having a chance to make on leg of their journey with UBER Air’s VTOL aircraft, before completing the remainder of the journey by land Cab. To make this a reality and launch the first ever UBER Air market, the company is collaborating with various partners including real estate developers, aircraft manufacturers and technology experts to help meet the 2023 commercial scale operation and the early 2020 demonstration test flight timelines.    

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Technical aspects of UBER Air

UBER will be utilizing electrically powered vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL aircrafts to transport passengers for one leg of their journey and then complete the remainder using land taxi. The eVTOL which is by an UBER team led by Mark Moore will sport some of the highest aviation safety features. UBER says that the eVTOL will be built in accordance with its Elevate Vehicle standards. One of such standard is that the eVTOL will be able to perform vertical emergency landing at any point during the flight in an event of a bird strike and will be adequately equipped to perform flights in Class B airspace.

The aerial vehicles come with secure communication systems that will transmit real time flight information like battery state and current position, as well as accurately receive critical flight information including flight plans from sky port control centers. The Sky Ports will serve as landing stations UBER eVTOL and will have the capacity to manage about 1000 landings every hour.


The Sky Ports will serve as landing stations UBER eVTOL

Each eVTOL will be able to carry a maximum of 4 passengers with a maximum permitted payload and luggage set at 980 pounds and the Vehicle will be flown by a pilot who will be isolated from the passenger in a pilot’s cockpit. For a 3-hour cumulative flight window, the aerial vehicle will require a charge time of not more than 7 minutes and the battery should be able to power the vehicle to complete 60 miles of flight sprint without requiring a recharge.

We look forward to building transport infrastructure in Nigeria soon enough to also enjoy these innovative offerings from UBER in the nearest future

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