UBER announces increase in fares across Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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One of Nigeria's most popular taxi-hailing company, UBER, has just announced an increase in its fares with immediate effect from 6th of this month. Read more!

First it was the COVID-19 outbreak, later it was the sudden hike in petrol fuel price and now all of these unfavourable developments are about to take a toll on users of ride-hailing services in Nigeria. New reports have it that Nigeria’s foremost taxi-hailing company, UBER, has recently increased its fares with immediate effect from 6th of this month.


Ride-hailing service, UBER, begins charging higher fares in Nigeria to stay in business

According to fresh reports, customers that enjoy using the UberX which used to be the “low-cost option” on the Uber platform will now be paying higher fares for the private car service. The reports state that the increase in Uber’s charges is structured as follows;

  • ₦400 minimum fare is now increased to ₦500
  • ₦200 base price is now increased to ₦220
  • ₦60 per Kilometer charge is now increased to ₦65

Take it or leave it, this is probably the best time to check our huge listings of cars for sale in Nigeria to get yourself a very affordable and clean ride. Yes, by the time you calculate how much you will be spending on ride-hailing services from now on; you will probably agree that it is better off you get yourself a private car. And if you are the type who transports large goods, you should also check out our recent article that highlights the top 7 affordable cars with the largest trunk spaces.


Old Uber charges vs New charges in Nigeria (time for you to get your own car)

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Going by media reports, these new UBER charges will not be reversed but might even get increased in the near future if the company is going to stay in business. As a matter of fact, many customers have begun paying these new charges as of the time of writing this report.

Meanwhile, there is no news yet about charges of Uber’s boat-hailing service for now. And for those who are unaware of the UberBoat platform, watch this video below;

  Nigeria's first UBERBOAT in Lagos

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