[Video] See the Adamawa LGA chairman caught assaulting an auto mechanic


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Nigerians on social media have been reacting to a viral video of an Adamawa local government chairman seen assaulting an auto mechanic. See the video here!

Just like the popular saying “with greater power comes greater responsibilities”, many Nigerians do not know that political offices come with their own “Palava”. One of such responsibilities is that you are expected to control your temper and to act modestly even when you are angered. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case with one Local government chairman in Adamawa State that was recently caught on camera assaulting a “poor” auto mechanic.


A certain Local govt Chairman in Adamawa State was recently caught assaulting an auto mechanic

Many reputable sources identified the politician involved in the incident as one Idi Aminu Turakin Pakka who is reportedly the current Chairman of Maiha LGA in Adamawa State. Ever since the video of his alleged assault surfaced online recently, it has sparked outrage and severe reactions amidst Nigerians on social media.

Below is the viral video that captured the moment when the LGA Chairman was allegedly caught assaulting the “poor” mechanic.

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The above video was shared by a Twitter user with the handle @mustapha_ribadu sometimes around the late hours of Saturday 7th of November 2020. Though unconfirmed yet, the uploader implies that the Adamawa state politician seen in the video assaulted the automobile mechanic verbally and physically. As of the time of writing this report, the video has gained as much as over 100 thousand views with so many controversial reactions from outraged Nigerians on social media.

Below is a screenshot of some reactions by other Twitter users in the comment section of the video.


Many Nigerians on Twitter are outraged by the viral video of an Adamawa politician caught assaulting an auto mechanic

Having watched the viral video, it is difficult to judge who is truly right or wrong without understanding the full context of the incident itself. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the Adamawa politician should have been more careful in showing his anger publicly because many people look up to him.

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