5 different types of police cars around the world


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Did you ever notice that the police use different car types for different purposes? Check out the most common 5 types of police vehicles here now!

Recently on Naijauto.com, we have published quite a number of articles on different nations and their police fleets. In this post we will be focusing more on the different types of police cars and when they are used.

Police cars are generally formidable and always specially designed with loads of enhanced performance features that are far beyond that of any similar car that your local dealer sells.

Most of them can spray massive jet of water, bump into other vehicles on the road, force any vehicle off the road, chase down any traffic offender by accelerating rapidly, and as well stay put while idle for long periods of time without any repercussion.

Below are the most common 5 types of police cars around the world;

1. Pursuit vehicles

These type of police cars are mostly high-performance and are used for responding to emergencies and making a pursuit when there is a need. They are usually fitted with specially designed bumpers that can be used to force cars off the road.


An example of a police pursuit type of car fitted with specially designed bumpers

They are also commonly equipped with high-performance engines, powerful alternators/enhanced electrical output, and large fans or radiators.

Some typical examples include the US Police department’s Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Charger, and Ford Mustang.

2. Demo cars

Demo or demonstration police cars are those types of vehicles that draw public attention because they are usually very expensive and high-performance hypercars.


This is a Lykan-Hypersport supercar currently in Abu Dhabi Police department’s fleet

These demonstration police cars are mostly used to just improve the public image of an area as well as serve as an additional tourist attraction.


The Bugatti Veyron sports cars in the Dubai Police Force’s fleet are typical demonstration cars

You will not be surprised to know that some nations like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most common places where you will find such demonstration police cars being used. The UAE’s Abu Dhabi Police department currently has a Lykan-Hypersport car in their fleet just like the Dubai Police force similarly have the Bugatti Veyron in their fleet.

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3. Patrol cars

These are the types of cars that are just primarily meant for conveying regular police officers between their various duties.


Patrol cars are the most commonly used by the Nigerian police

They can as well be sometimes used for responding to emergencies and in such cases, you will them fitted with audible and visual warnings (sirens). The patrol cars in Nigeria are typical examples of this type of police car.

4. Riot controls cars/vehicles

There are generally about 3 sub-categories of riot control vehicles division. They include;

  • Modified Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)
  • Modified Stock cars
  • Modified trucks that are equipped with water cannons


A modified Armored personnel carriers’ vehicle that is commonly used by the Nigerian Police

The main function of these type of vehicles is to empower the paramilitary arms of the main police force like the Nigerian MOPOL (mobile police) to curb and counter all cases of civil unrest or disturbance.

5. Unmarked cars (casual)

You will only find detectives or traffic enforcement officers using these types of unmarked police vehicles.


Unmarked police cars are mostly used for traffic enforcement or investigative operations

Similarly, all other arms of the police can sometimes use this type of vehicles whenever they need to carry out a detective or traffic enforcement operation. They use these unmarked cars to appear casual and blend-in among regular citizens thereby facilitating their investigations or traffic operations efficiently.

Meanwhile, you should note that some police force around the world doesn’t really differentiate between pursuit and patrol vehicles, the Nigerian police force is a typical example where you will see them use a standard production vehicle to be fulfilling some funny roles that the car was never designed for.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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