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Sure you don't want to miss this Tunisian-made Wallys IRIS. Check it out now!

Africa as a continent is fast coming up to meet with other developed continents across the globe. One of the areas they are showing their sense of creativity and innovativeness is the automotive industry. We've reported different news stories here on that supports the assertion. And even the scarce resources here in Nigeria is not stopping the likes of the Enugu young man that built an open wheel vehicle with local materials from giving it a shot.


The Wallys IRIS was manufactured by Wallycar based in Tunisia

In this article, we are presenting to you a stunning car made in Africa.

The car's name is Wally IRIS, and it's manufactured by a Tunisian automobile manufacturer named Wallyscar. The company is based in Ben Arous, in Tunisia. Wallyscar is founded by Zied Gulga.

The Wally IRIS is built for leisure and daily use and it's easy to drive around. The car has a reliable and technical performance. So whether you are driving around the city or a steep terrain, the SUV is equally built to play the routes.

The car is exceptional and pocket friendly, in case you decide to make a go for it.


The company produces 600 units per year

Let's check out the features.


  • The Wally IRIS is an SUV coupe convertible that has 3 doors.
  • The body is built with fingerglass and galvanized steel.
  • It can seat two or four passengers.

Engine-PSA Group

  • The car uses only gasoline.
  • Number of cylinders inline is 3, with 12 valves and 1199 cm3 as cylinder capacity.
  • The carbon emission is 120g/km


  • It has a maximum speed of 154 km/h
  • It's able to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 11.2 seconds.


  • The Wallys IRIS is 3.9m in length.
  • The width is 1.7m while the height is 1.65m.
  • Its rims/tyres is 195/65r 14.
  • The front and back way is 1475cm.
  • The wheelbase is 2538cm.


  • The car is built with a manual transmission.


  • The fuel consumption in urban areas is 6.91/100km. For extra urban areas, it's 5.91/100km and 6.51/100km for mixed areas.


  • Wallys IRIS has a 3 years warranty or 100,000 km.

The starting price for the Wally IRIS is €12,500,that's about ₦5,228,000.

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Isn't the Wallys IRIS a stunning car to own?

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