Dähler tunes BMW Z4 M40i to hit a whopping 435 hp as substitute to the disappointing Z4 M


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Not satisfied with BMW’s decision on the full-flat BMW Z4 M, Swiss tuner Dähler now offers package to unlock 435hp on the BMW Z4 M40i. Read the details here!

For all those automotive enthusiasts that haven’t been pleased with BMW’s decision by rolling out a completely flat, Z4 M model; Naijauto has brought an exciting update for you guys.

Dähler - the popular Swiss tuner now offers two kits to help unlock more power from the 3.0L engine featured in the BMW Z4 M40i that produces just 382hp with 369 lb-ft (500Nm) of torque from the assembly line by the standard.

Dähler’s first kit which is tagged “Stage 1” unlocks 402hp and 457 pound-feet (620Nm) of torque while disabling the factory installed top speed limiter. Then, the second kit tagged “Stage 2” even increases the numbers further to hit a whopping 435hp and 472 pound-feet (640Nm) of torque.

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From 382hp a whopping 435 horsepower, this Dähler tuned BMW Z4 M40i should really excite most auto enthusiasts

Even though the tuner never really mentioned anything about this power gains boosting the overall vehicle performance but it’s obvious that this Dähler Z4 will surely outperform the 4.4seconds standard car’s zero to 60 mph specification.

Some other notable changes made include;

  • Signature “M” circular quad-exhausts
  • Added spoiler lip (front bumper)
  • New 21inch wheels
  • Added suspension lowering springs (or the optional coil-over adjustable suspension)

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