Truck Driver cries like a baby after damaging lady's G-Wagon side mirror (Video)


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A truck driver started crying after he damaged the side mirror of a lady's G-Wagon in Lagos. He obviously couldn't afford to pay for it.

A funny incident played out in the Falomo area of Lagos state when a truck driver damaged the side mirror of a G-Wagon. Livid by what just happened, the owner of the G-Wagon, a lady, stepped out of her car and charged at the driver to pay for the damage he had done.


Such confrontations between motorists happen all the time in Lagos

If the lady was expecting the driver to put up a fight as most of his colleagues usually do, she must have been disappointed by his reaction. The young man simply started crying.

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Are you wondering why he was crying?

It is obvious that a G-Wagon is an expensive vehicle. Hence, its parts are expensive too. The driver probably had no money on him and was embarking on that trip to earn some little money for himself. A G-Wagon has a starting price of ₦50 million (fifty million naira). A single G-Wagon side mirror costs over ₦100,000 (one hundred thousand naira). Where was he supposed to get that amount of money from?


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The lady was all set for a showdown, but the driver chickened out.

It took the intervention of passersby’s who pleaded with the lady, on his behalf, before she finally let him go. We hope he learned a lesson.

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