COVID-19: Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria issues new regulations to protect riders and passengers


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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With tricycles becoming preferred transport choice amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria issues new regulations to protect us all.

There are quite a number of common health hazards of driving cars that most people have to face but, this isn’t really enough to sometimes explain why many Nigerians love taking public transports on short distance journeys.

Now that COVID-19 is in town, it is more interesting that there has been a serious upsurge in the number of Nigerians preferring tricycles “Keke Napep” to taxis or public buses. So, in order to protect riders as well as passengers, the Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria (TOAN) had to issue a new set of regulations.


Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria issues new regulations to protect riders and passengers amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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After seeing a huge increase in the number of Nigerians now opting for the popular “Keke Napep” during this period of COVID-19 outbreak; TOAN realized it had to play its part in helping to curb the spread of the deadly virus. The association has now made it a rule that no tricycle rider should carry more than 2 passengers at any given time during this period.

Below is a photo showing the official notice recently issued out to riders by TOAN;


Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria (TOAN) makes a move towards protecting riders and passengers amidst COVID-19 pandemic

One might wonder why suddenly Nigerians are opting for “Keke Napep” tricycles over public buses; well, it’s pretty obvious that they possess an open-space design which allows free air circulation and less crowding. When it comes to purchasing one, they might not be as affordable as some bicycle prices listed in this article but are definitely even cheaper to rent or take as public transportation in Nigeria.

Similar to this report, most of the popular ride-sharing companies in Nigeria have recently issued newsletters instructing their drivers to keep their car windows rolled down for cross-ventilation throughout this period of COVID-19 outbreak. Interestingly, this is a feature which is already available on tricycles by default 😊.

While talking about the convenience of different transportation medium, would it be safe to say that Nigeria is ready for electric cars?

Check out this video below where Channels TV discusses in-depth about how Electric cars could be beneficial to Nigeria if introduced;

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