Thugs strike for not paying illegal fees, kills two tricycle operators in Lagos


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It was a rather sad day for tricycles operators at the Agbado-Oke Odo area of Lagos state where thugs caused mayhem that claimed the lives of two people. Check details below!

The spate at which thugs are causing unrest especially with commercial transporters within the city of Lagos is quite alarming, to say the least.

 Naijauto got information that there has been violence involving thugs and commercial Tricycle operators which have resulted in the death of 2 Tricycle operators.

One of the Tricycle operators, Bashiu Shakiru, who operates his tricycle business within the city of Lagos, was one of the victims who lost their lives in the incident. This incident occurred when suspected hoodlums accosted him while he was trying to flee the scene of an attack by the said hoodlums. He was eventually shot, and he died while he was being rushed to the hospital.

This took place around the Kola area of the Ijaiye-Ojokoro Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, where the hoodlums were said to have attacked tricycle operators in the area for failing to pay an illegal fee of N500.


Each Keke-Napep must pay N500 fee for the hoodlums

Another victim who lost his life was said to be taking refuge from the hoodlums' attack when he was hit by a commercial bus which caused his death. The victim is yet to be identified as at the time of this report.

The attack on the tricycle operators in the area by the hoodlums was said to have erupted when the tricycles refused to pay the levied N500 by the hoodlums. The tricycle operators claimed they had earlier paid the legally acceptable fee to the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) officials, Branch D, Agbado-Oke Odo, which they belong to.

Shaheed Adebayo, a commercial tricycle operator who was injured in the attack said that he was on his way transporting passengers when the strike by the hoodlums took place, and it was then they attacked him.

 “I was conveying passengers when the hoodlums stopped me and started attacking me with cutlasses and axes. They cut my head, hand, laps, and buttocks; the people around rushed me to hospital for treatment,” Shaheed had said.

Kazeem Akinbode, another eyewitness at the scene attested that he was there when Shakiru was shot by the hoodlums, an act that led to Shakiru's death while they rushed him to the hospital.

In his statement, Akinbode says: “I was there when Shakiru was killed; we were on our way when the hoodlums attacked us around Merit junction and we all ran for safety and while running, I saw that the boy (Shakiru) was shot in the stomach. We tried to rescue him but he died on the way to hospital.”

Azeez Abiola, the Chairman, NURTW, Branch D, Agbado-Oke Odo, complained bitterly of the callous act of the hoodlums, stating that the said hoodlums were well-known for foiling attacks on the members of his NURTW branch, while also condemning the killing of Shakiru.


Armed hoodlum is the alarming problem of Lagos

He was quoted as saying:

“The hoodlums are not just attacking us, whenever they attack, they burn our tricycles, break the windshields of our tricycles and injure our members. We have reported them to the police; some of the hoodlums were arrested and charged to court. We thought the matter had been resolved.

“But on Monday, the hoodlums mobilised again and were demanding an illegal fee of N500 from each tricycle operator and our members reported to us and we instructed them not to give money to anybody who did not have the NURTW tickets. So, the hoodlums got annoyed and started attacking them; the hoodlums injured the tricycle operators with weapons and ran away, only for them to reinforce around 6 pm and started shooting at our members.

“I reported to the Divisional Police Officer of the Alagbado Police Station, who sent patrol men to areas where the hoodlums were attacking us, but the hoodlums were shooting and harassing people even in the presence of the police.

“During the attack, they shot one of our members, Shakiru, in the stomach and he died on the spot. The other person, who was killed, was trying to escape from the scene of the attack when he was crushed to death by a commercial bus.”

Abiola confirmed that the injured had been taken to a nearby hospital called G and T hospital while Shakiru had been buried according to Islamic rites.

For the Police command in the area, the PRO of the Police, Bala Elkana has confirmed the arrest of three suspects of the menacing act, and they have been charged to court accordingly.

 “There was a fight between hoodlums and tricycle operators on Monday and three suspects were arrested that day. The suspects have been charged to court.

“We don’t have the record of who was killed, because nobody came forward to tell us that anybody was killed in that incident. So, if there is any, the family should meet with the DPO to give a statement.” Elkana had said.

“We don’t have the record of who was killed, because nobody came forward to tell us that anybody was killed in that incident. So, if there is any, the family should meet with the DPO to give a statement.” He concluded.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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