6 breaking trends in the latest modern cars


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It is 2019 and major breaking trends in modern cars are setting space for more innovations and investments in the auto industry. Check all the trends here!

As the world is becoming more and more technology-driven, the automobile industry seems to be next in line in this tech progress. Cars these days do more than just conveying people to their destinations. They offer more comfort and a means of relaxation.

Here are some major trends of the modern day vehicles that you won't want to miss, brought to you by Naijauto.com!

1. Polished car wheels

Wheels can make or break the look and performance of a car. The round rubber slab tires ranging from fully polished drift spec to the polished lips is now a popular choice in the community.

These recent wheels have a low rowing resistance, a higher performance and lasts longer. They also seem to be cheaper.


Wheels and rims have become popular choice in modern vehicle technology

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2. Car safety

With increase in volume of traffic along the major highways, car safety has turned out to be a priority in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers have however been doing their best as regards this as the recent cars now come with safety and driver assistance features such as the blind spot monitoring, braking systems, back up cameras and radar sensors, lane departure signalling systems, pre- collision throttle management and adaptive cruise control systems.

With these and more it is expected that high rate of road accidents would be a thing of the past.

3. Vehicle autonomy

So far, this seems to be one of the most controversial issues for car fanatics. Though it will take some time for fully autonomous vehicles to hit the roads but with each year, we get closer to that as numerous automakers have been working hard to achieve this.

Even though it seems scary considering the fact that lots of people will lose the ability to drive, it will still be nice to be able to sit in your car and trust your car to drive you to your destination safely.

Autonomous vehicles will have to make use of different braking systems, cameras, EPS motors and sensors to drive by themselves.

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Full battery electric vehicle anatomy - Nissan Leaf

3. Performance/horsepower

Car manufactures now refine the vehicles’ combustion engine, making them more efficient and more powerful. Some vehicles such as the Nissan now come with a turbo- charged variable compression engine which can easily adapt and adjust to any driving condition, increasing power and efficiency.

Some vehicle engines such as the Mazda SkyActiv X also combine the power of both diesel and gasoline thereby increasing power and fuel economy.

It is projected that in the future, the “FreeValve” that features a full variable valve actuation would be introduced and this will permit a better control over combustion cycle.

With increased car performance, you do not need a high driving skill to cruise the roads.

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4. Digitalization

Digitalization have subtly but efficiently crept into the world of automobiles. As car drivers are demanding more from their vehicles, vehicles on their own are becoming more intelligent and smart to understand what the drivers want.

The ‘over- the- air update’ feature in the form of a cell phone modem now permits the vehicle to connect to the internet allowing the update of different systems in the vehicle. They save a trip to your car dealer. Just as it is found in the Honda’s new Accord, you can make updates to your braking performance and infotainment with this feature.

5. Advanced car technology

New cars now come with an advanced technology such as the GPS vehicle tracking. This system can assist parents in keeping track of their young ones for safety purposes.

There is also the vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) that enables cars to speak to each other, to the road and other things around them. This feature can reduce car accidents and traffics.

Car manufacturers have increased the body structure of vehicles, making for lesser drags, efficiency and refined drags. There is also a better fuel economy with the modern cars.

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