Top 5 trending automobile technologies of 2019


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Automakers are constantly going the extra mile to make their models a lot more safer, secure, efficient and comfortable for users. Therefore, we at Naijauto have decided to bring you the 5 top trending tech solutions for automobiles in 2019. Check details below!

The rate at which the world is getting more technologically advanced, every aspect of our lives is taking the hit - in a positive way. Just like how smartphones are no longer used for making calls alone, cars are now being equipped with technology that goes beyond their day to day task of just driving and stopping. Automakers are constantly going the extra mile to make their models a lot more safer, secure, efficient and comfortable for users. Therefore, we at Naijauto have decided to bring you some of the top trending tech solutions for automobiles in 2019.

1. Automated high-beam headlights

This technology is one that allows the headlights of your car to either go dim or light up based on how much traffic you encounter - especially at night. Sensors and a camera are installed at certain parts of the vehicle, so when you approach traffic or vehicles going your way, the high-beam is withdrawn. In this case, you won't need to fiddle with the "off and on" switches, as the framework is automated to work naturally. Where you can find this tech solution for automobiles is on the latest Lexus RX.


The automated headlights will self-adjust to fit in the traffic you're driving through

2. Rear view camera

Most cars currently been released have been required to install a "follow come" rear view camera. From the Toyotas to the Honda's and Benzes, you will find a this camera somewhere on the rear bumper, plate number or just above the back windshield. The idea is to enable drivers reverse without necessarily having to look back. It also shows you blind spots that your rear view mirror won't normally see.


The rear view camera has made reversing easier

The pros of this tech solution for automobiles are numerous. You can now park properly, avoid knocking over bins, see what's behind you via the monitor on your dashboard, and many more. In fact, latest reports say a new rear view camera system that follows the drivers eye and head movements is being tested. This will definitely go a long way to ensure safety of car, driver and the pedestrian.

3. Car-house synchronisation

In 2017, Ford and Amazon introduced the Car-house integration technology. This made it easy for drivers of cars to easily operate their garage doors, lights of the house and every other electronic accessory in your home's network. This is simply done with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) which allows you sync your smart house with your vehicle. It means you don't need to get down from your car to turn off electrical or electronic gadgets at home, when with a push of a car button, you're good to go.


Operate your smart home remotely with buttons in your cars, how cool is it?

4. Self-driving cars

A vehicle being able to drive itself with the help of brake actuators, laser scanners, EPS motor, sensors and cameras, is one innovative tech solution for automobiles that will trend for a long time to come. Lots of car manufacturers are working earnestly to produce models that use this technology. Experts believe that once the world gets to the point where these autonomous automobiles become affordable and readily available, accidents and traffic will be heavily mitigated.

Self-driving cars are going to revolutionise driving

Another technology that is being considered for addition to self-driving cars is the V2V solution. This means vehicles being able to communicate with each other to prevent accidents and traffic too. With the help of sensors and cameras, the vehicles can tell how close they to each other (regardless of speed) and will automatically apply brakes if an accident is eminent.

5. Automatic liftgates

This can be found on one of the Ford Escape models. How it works is, once you walk towards your car with your keys, the vehicle will sense you approaching and automatically open the doors for you to get in. Sounds cool right? Look at it this way, your wife is pregnant and you need to rush her to the hospital, or you are carrying lots of shopping bags and can't put them down to start fiddling with the keys. The car simply does the job of the bellboy.

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