Travelling back and forth between Lagos and Abuja in 5 hours by train?


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The scenario is totally feasible with Chinese bullet trains whose max speed is up to 350 km/h.

Since its first introduction, Chinese bullet trains have greatly impressed its passengers for its incredible speed. While the normal speed train takes over 15 hours to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, the D types of bullet trains just need exactly 4 hours and 48 minutes to complete this mission. Its top speed is 350 km/h or 217 mph and the distance between these two Chinese megacities is 1,318 km (equivalent to 819 miles).

Video of Chinese bullet train

As the distance of travelling back and forth from Lagos to Abuja then vice versa is 1510.8 km in total, we estimate that it will take the train around 5 hours to finish the task. In the meantime, if one uses Sagamu-Benin expressway to get Abuja from Lagos then go home, he will have to spend nearly one day on this (21h 34mins to be more exact).

Google map of Lagos to Abuja

Route map from Lagos to Abuja

Currently, China is leading the world in the high-speed railway length thanks to its complex travelling network throughout the country. This nation has 46 pairs of speed trains including 43 daytime and 3 overnight ones to run between Bejing and Shanghai. Passengers just need to wait for 10 minutes for the next train to come.

These high-speed trains are equipped with many conveniences such as adjustable seats, aircon systems, power sock for phone charge, restaurant and canteen. The facility for the handicapped was also thought of when designing.

chinese high speed train

The high-speed train station in China

inside Chinese bullet train

Inside the modern train

Ticket classes range from Business, Superior, First class to Second class, serving almost all kinds of needs.

Imagine Nigeria can construct these bullet train system, you can even move around the country within the same day.

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