Improving the transport industry in Nigeria - group enjoins government collaboration


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A group known as the Public Transport Owners of Nigeria Association (PTONA) has identified transportation challenges and are seeking government's collaboration. Read details here!

Over the years, the transportation industry in Nigeria has been through a lot of challenges and the challenges still persist today. One of these obstacles is the inability of the government and private sector to collaborate and bring sanity to the already chaotic industry.

A group known as the Public Transport Owners of Nigeria Association (PTONA) has identified these challenges during its inaugural meeting. The core of these challenges was addressed which was the need for government and corporate transport to forge an alliance in moving the transportation industry in Nigeria forward.


PTONA identifies lack of collaboration between government and companies as the major problem

Isaac Uhunmwagho, the chairman planning Committee of the association, said that the chaotic hazards confronting the transport industry can be curbed if the government and transport corporates can work hand in hand.

He was further quoted as saying:

“Transportation in Nigeria is very chaotic. The government spends a lot of money on transportation. The biggest budgets are spent on roads and roads are for transportation. In Lagos State, there is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), the monorails…they are doing it single-handedly. We are supposed to be partners; to work with them side by side so that they don’t have to do everything. They don’t specialise in running the transport system. It is risky and not efficient for them. We are investors in the transport system. If we combine our forces with the government, the public will have a better transport system.”

He also emphasised that when the government partner with transport corporates, it will yield ways to sanitise the transport industry. He didn't mince words to say that the government had tried their best, but for the lack of robust teamwork by the transport industry to regularise its works.


Without a tight co-operation, hardly can transport challenges be addressed

According to the Chairman Planning Committee of PTONA:

“If they deal with us, we can give rules and regulations to drivers. Drivers who work for us transporters must conform to the standards we set for them. We need order, sanity, discipline in the transport sector and all of these can be achieved when government works in collaboration with corporate outfits like PTONA and the standard will be set.”

The outgoing coalition chairman of the group, Emeka Mamah, further reiterated the point made by PTONA chairman by highlighting areas that the government should focus on

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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