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If you are looking for the best experience in road travel, follow this article to see the Top 10 road transport companies in Nigeria!

It may interest you to know, the standard of road transport in Nigeria has really been on a steady increase and we have the heated competition amongst the transport companies to thank for this. This competition has been seen to reflect in the standard of vehicles used and fancy terminals for better customer satisfaction. There is an endless list of road transport companies in Nigeria, all with different operations and destinations. Some operate across regions while some operate within Regions. In recent times their operations have expanded from just transport to haulage and logistics.

Here Naijauto has put together a list of the top 10 road transport companies in Nigeria, their base and coverage. 

1. GIGM (God is Good Motors)

GIGM is currently the biggest road transport company in Nigeria with head office in Benin and covering over 10 states in the country with major terminals in these states.

God is Good motors a.k.a GIGM is a private owned transport company founded in 1998 under the name God is Good Motors before it rebranded and had a name change to


They have taken road transport to another level by building standard terminals

They have taken road transport to another level by building standard terminals in their route states for better customer satisfaction and also employ the use of comfortable Buses including Toyota Hiace, Mercedes Benz sprinters and jet movers.

They offer tour services within and outside the country where they take passengers on road trips to neighboring countries and have a functional online booking system where commuters can book their trips easily.

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2. ABC Transport

The ABC Transport company established in 1993 with headquarters in Imo state Nigeria is one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria.

They have won the national bus operator awards and with credible commendations from its users.


ABC transport have expanded operations outside Nigeria with their tour fleets

They make use of large luxurious buses to transport their passengers within the country and also offer tour services to Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic.

They also function in haulage and logistics, delivering packages within the country. You can book your trip online using their website also and save yourself the hassle of jumping queues.

Their head office is in Km 5 MCC uratta Rd, Owerri, Imo state and they operate in over 10 states in the country.

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3. Chisco Transport Company

The Chisco Transport company is one of the oldest transport companies in Nigeria, founded in 1978. It is a private owned company founded by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu.

Originally founded to transport passengers to and from eastern Nigeria, they now have operation in almost all states of the country.


Though Old, Chisco still offers one of the best road travel service with their luxury coach buses

They also run tour services to other West African countries and have an online booking platform. There are well tested and trusted to give customer satisfaction.

They have their head office in 104, Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponrin, Surulere, Lagos state.

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4. Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.

Young Shall Grow was founded in 1972 making it one of the oldest transport companies also. It is a private owned company founded in Eastern Nigeria.


"The young" as fondly called have maor routes in Eastern Nigeria

They have a reputation for comfort and luxury at very affordable rates. They currently have their Head office in Mazamaza, old Ojo road, Lagos state. They currently do not have an online booking system so trips have to be booked at the terminal before booking.

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5. GUO Transport

The Guo Transport company is one of the best road transport companies, covering over 10 states with their comfortable buses and customer friendly services.


GUO offer classy mini van options for road travel.

Guo Transport offer charter services, haulage, logistics and hoteling. Their hotels, built in their terminals ensure their passengers are not stranded in case of late arrivals. They have terminals all over the country including Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Onitsha, Yola and Kano.

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6. Cross Country Motors

Cross Country offer a very unique transport service with routes covering over 26 states with a fleet of over 500 comfortable buses. They are known for the affordability of their trips and discounts offered to NYSC members.


With their "city bus" fleet, they cover a wide range of routes across most states in the Nigeria

Cross country started operation in Nigeria in 2001 and now have terminals spread across Abia, Bauchi, Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Borno and cross river states.

They have their head office in Lagos at 345 Murtala Mohammed way, Yaba, Lagos.

7. Ifesinachi Transport Ltd.

Ifesinachi started operation in 2000 and has since then gained clout for their professional service. They cover trips from Lagos, Enugu and Abuja but currently do not have a booking platform. The transport division is one of the many divisions in the ifesincachi industries conglomerate; a private owned business with operations across states in Nigeria.

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Ifesinachi is recognized for their professional service

8. Peace Mass transit

Peace Mass Transit as they are mostly called is one of the most affordable transport companies with very affordable rates. They offer online booking services and their routes cross across major states in Eastern Nigeria.


PMT is probably the most common name in road transport covering major cities all around the country

9. Bonny Way Motor

The Bonny way Transport company isn’t one of the most popular transport companies but they gained recognition from their unique inter-city and parcel delivery services.

Booking a trip with them is done via their website and payment made via the same channel.

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10. Benue Link

Benue link is a government owned road transport company. It was founded in 1988 by the Benue state government. The company was launched with just 10 buses but now boasts of a fleet of buses with routes across major states in Nigeria.

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Asides length of trips, some of these road transport companies thrive to give their passengers world class travel experience like you would get with flights. If you ever want to travel by road and you dream of a blissful travel experience, whether short or long road trips, give one of these best road transport companies in Nigeria listed here a try.

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Good luck!

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