Enugu man transforms his old Peugeot 504 into an exotic one


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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If you are in doubt of Nigerian's sense of creativity, then you need to see this amazing transformation of an old and abandoned Peugeot 504!

Nigerians and their sense of creativity have pushed a Nigerian man to redesign his abandoned Peugeot 504 into a classier car.

Frank Blaise, the car designer and repairer, had his old Peugeot 504 completely transformed into a modern car, both interior and exterior. He literally gave his old rickety car a new look. More of the reason it pulled a lot of traffic online.

angular front of a redesigned car made by a Nigerian man

From an rubbishm, this Peugeot 504 turned into a masterpiece

The other time, it was a Nigerian who made a mini jeep from local materials and an Enugu young man who built an open wheel vehicle from local materials, all here on Naijauto.com. Come to think of it, this man who refurbished his old Peugeot 504 is based in Enugu. Could it be that Enugu residents and indigenes are very creative with vehicles?
The man has drawn the attention of everyone with his customized Peugeot 504. And His refurbished Peugeot is trending on social media.

The rear end of a white car made by a Nigerian man

The customized Peugeot 504 was an eye drawer on the street of Enugu metropolis

As reported, the rebranded car caught the eyes of Enugu metropolis residents, who gathered to have a closer view of the incredible customized transformation.

Side of a white car redesigned by a Nigerian man

How much would that be? Your guess?

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