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FRSC in Anambra State warns motorists that it will begin subjecting traffic violators to psychiatric tests before prosecuting them for their offences.

Naturally, any rational person that is aware of the dangers of violating traffic rules would question the sanity of most traffic violators. Yes, this is because of the fact that every motorist knows that violating traffic rules can lead to unnecessary accidents which could cause loss of many lives.

This “rational thinking” is probably the reason why FRSC in Anambra state has recently declared that it will henceforth, be subjecting traffic violators to psychiatric tests before prosecuting them for their offences.


FRSC warns traffic violators in Anambra state that it will start subjecting them to psychiatric tests before punishment

According to fresh reports, this warning was issued by Corps Commander Andrew Kumapayi – the sector commander of FRSC in Anambra State during the recent inauguration ceremony of ATCO (Association of Taxi Cab Operators) in the state capital, Awka.

Mr Kumapayi reportedly mentioned that the Anambra FRSC in conjunction with the state government is currently planning to unveil an effective tripartite team that will ensure the subjection of traffic violators to psychiatric tests before punishment. The tripartite team will include state government representatives, VIOs (Vehicle Inspection Officers), and FRSC officers.

The reports further stated that Mr Andrew Kumapayi urged the Taxi Cab operators to duly obey all traffic regulations and rules, have speed limiting devices installed, adhere to COVID-19 protocols, and make sure their vehicles are in good condition before hitting the road. He advised all Anambra state motorists to adopt defensive driving as the best way to avoid reckless drivers that usually violate traffic rules and mostly cause unnecessary road accidents.

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Meanwhile, people are still talking about the viral video from a few months back showing the moment when an FRSC officer was caught fighting a female driver over COVID-19 protocols in Ogun state. Watch the video below;


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