Stop blaming spirits or demons for traffic on Lagos-Ibadan expressway! Blame impatience & lawlessness!


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Lagos State Sector Commander of the FRSC, Hyginus Omeje, says impatient & lawless motorists cause traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, not spirits or demons. Do you agree?

Lagos State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Hyginus Omeje, has firmly stated that traffic on the popular Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is caused by motorists, not spirits or demons.

While speaking to journalists in Lagos, the Commander stated that abuse of traffic rules and impatience on the part of motorists were some of the major factors causing gridlock on the road. Omeje said that, following his assessment, there was nothing wrong with the road itself but with motorists due to their disregard for transportation laws.

“A good assessment of the road, which I have done severally, revealed that there is nothing wrong with the road. But everything is wrong with the users, who constitute a law unto themselves and willfully break all known laws of transportation.

“Although, the road is undergoing rehabilitation and expansion, which has gotten to Magboro by MFM Church and at that point, lbadan bound traffic was diverted to share the lane with inward Lagos traffic.

“The narrowing of the carriageway at the diversion point caused serious gridlock last week,”

he stated.


These deadly accidents on the expressway were due to motorists' impatience & law violation

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Omeje revealed that motorists worsen the situation on the road by creating additional lanes instead of sticking to the recommended lanes, and this leads to collisions. Speaking on the issue of arrests, he stated that the FRSC is not interested in arresting anyone, but ensure free movement on the road. However, when motorists indulge in wrong activities such as driving against traffic, it is their duty to maintain order.

“We are not interested in arrest, but to get the road free of gridlock. However, many motorists are creating problems for us by creating additional lanes or driving against traffic, especially anytime there’s a breakdown.

“We will soon start to book erring road users, who are compounding problems on that corridor,"

he said.

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Chris Odogwu
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Chris Odogwu

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