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From driving without a license and using a phone while behind the wheel, to overtaking wrongly and assaulting road safety staff, road users have almost normalized some of these offences without knowing. Here are the top traffic offences committed by Nigerian drivers.

Traffic offences are committed on a day to day basis by drivers around the country. From driving without a license and using a phone while behind the wheel, to overtaking wrongly and assaulting road safety staff, road users have almost normalised some of these offences without knowing. However, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) still insists that these traffic offences and many others are punishable. They also claim to be doing all they can to sensitize drivers and make Nigerian roads safe.

At Naijauto, we support responsibility on the roads and that's why we're bringing you the top traffic offences by Nigerian drivers.

1. Using a mobile phone while driving

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives, with most Nigerians being unable to do without it for a minute. This has caused accidents in many cases and many defaulters get away with it sometimes. That's why the Corp Marshall of the FRSC, Boboye Opeyemi stated that the commission has decided to increase the fine for phone usage while driving to a hundred thousand naira.

"Already there are efforts before the National Assembly to jerk up the fine payable for a phone user while on the wheels. What is currently obtainable can not do the work, but when you have to pay N50,000 to N100,000 for using your phone while driving, then we will get somewhere", “In the last 18 months I have lost about 74 lives. We will not stop at ensuring the prosecution of those errand drivers. It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of my personnel on the highway, so if you knock down my personnel and you are running away, I will go after you",

Boboye said. This goes to show the severity of the offence. Therefore, endeavor to buy a hands-free set if you must be on the phone while driving.

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2. Disobeying traffic signals

Nigerian drivers are fond of speeding past a traffic light. This has not only caused accidents but traffic jams as well. The usual excuses for this action ranges from having an emergency to not seeing any approaching vehicle amongst others.


Ensure you understand and obey the traffic light

Good thing is the FRSC in conjunction with other relevant agencies have put in place teams in different cities around the country to catch offenders. In Enugu for instance, the union of road transport workers are at almost every traffic light, ready to catch up with defaulters. So, ensure you don't commit this offence, as you're not only saving yourself from paying fines but also saving the lives of pedestrians.

3. Driving without the necessary documents

This is one of the biggest offences by road users. There are a lot of commercial drivers who borrow cars for their business and these cars either have no papers or they themselves have no license. Due to how "uncontrolled' the business is, they often get away with it. But it's important to keep in mind that driving without a license or vehicle papers that show road worthiness - amongst other things - is punishable. Therefore, also ensure to renew all expire documents - including vehicle insurance.

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4. Smoking or eating while driving

In as much as there are actually no recorded event of someone being prosecuted for smoking or eating while driving, it actually is a traffic offence. In fact, it is listed in the section D of traffic offences by the FRSC. This is because you could easily get distracted or even intoxicated and cause an accident. It's only wise that you desist from indulging in either, to avoid any penalties.

5. Loading a car with more weight than it should carry

A lot of car owners turn their cars into multipurpose vehicles. They use for carrying goods and people. However, you should check your car manual to know the limit to what you can carry - to avoid being penalized. Keep in mind that this traffic offence also ruins your car's shock absorbers and causes lots of wear and tears.

Some commercial drivers in a bid to escape the wrath of the FRSC adjust their car seats to add another row for more passengers - in order to make more money. Others install a roof carriage to enable them move more goods. Consider the fact that the roof might sink in one day, and you'll likely spend more money on maintenance than you should.

Let's count how many people they can load on this sedan!

Finally, there are many other traffic offences like not using a seat belt, not having a fire extinguisher, driving with badly damaged headlights, and many more which shouldn't be committed. As you're not only saving your own life but that of other road users. These traffic offences puts everyone at risk, and we at Naijauto totally advice against them. Always drive safely.

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