Tracy Morgan's N612 million Bugatti depreciates in value by N61 million after a minor crash


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A minor car crash reported last week has reduced the value of Comedian Tracy Morgan's $2 million Bugatti car by $200,000. In fact, neither Tracy Morgan nor the woman driving the other car in the crash was reported to be at fault. See more details below!

Last week, we reported that American comedian, Tracy Morgan crashed his Bugatti Veyron supercar worth $2 million (N613 million) after barely one hour of purchasing it.

Now, report reaching us here on Naijauto says the minor car crash has dramatically reduced the value of Tracy Morgan's Bugatti by $200,000. An incident report of the crash has been taken which will now show on the car's Carfax report.

When the incident happened last week, neither of both cars had any major damage. However, the incident is knocking off N61.3 million out of nearly N613 million that the Bugatti was bought because of "the new stain on the vehicle's history".


The minor crash that reduced 10% of the value of Morgan's Bugatti

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Reports say if the Honda female driver was found to be at fault, the insurance company handling her car will pay for part of the damage. But there's a problem here.

Most commercial insurance companies' plans can't pay for such an amount of money. It's way too high. And if Morgan decides to go with his own insurance, he will get some resistance because of the huge amount involved.

The Bugatti isn't just like a regular car that can be fixed by any mechanic, so, Morgan should be ready to spend much. And if he decides to put it up for sale, he will have to sell it below as it has depreciated.

With $200,000, you know how many cars you can fill up your garage with, right? 

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With $200,000, you can even buy an entire Toyota fleet

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Jane Osuagwu
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