Toyota’s new tech assists drivers that get brake pedals and accelerators confused


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The Japanese Automaker is set to launch an Acceleration Suppression Function capable of helping clumsy drivers. See more!

Each day comes with a load of surprises from many automakers across the planet. Toyota is obviously one of these visionary car manufacturers who often come up with breathtaking technological innovations. From a report reaching us here, Toyota will launch in Japan a newly developed Acceleration Suppression Function, capable of countering misapplication of acceleration pedal. This new creation is set to be an improvement to Toyota’s Safety Sense Package.


This new tech by Toyota will reduce prevalent accidents that do occur in parking lots due to abnormal use of pedal

Before this tech will be introduced to the global market, the company will offer it as an optional feature in new vehicles in Japan. We also learned that the automaker is ready to retrofit the accelerator control system in some specific existing models in 2020.

Unlike the pedal misapplication acceleration control system in older vehicles, this new tech is aimed at controlling the abnormal operation of the acceleration pedal even when there is no obstacle. The automaker has a strong belief that it has the ability to reduce accident rates usually caused by misapplying pedal in areas such as parking lots.


The Acceleration Suppression System by Toyota is a welcomed upgrade to its Safety Sense package

Looks like Toyota isn’t ready to monopolize this tech as the company is willing to share the idea behind its functionality with other automakers as well. So far, the manufacturer has successfully isolated instances where the people behind the wheels unconsciously accelerate rapidly and they have been able to identify and gather enough data on abnormality in the way the pedals are operated.

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This new tech will join other safety technologies such as automatic high beam dimming, lane tracing assistance, pre-crash emergency braking, lane departure warning, dynamic radar cruise control and road sign recognition, all within the Safety Sense bundle of the Japanese manufacturer.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 Overview | Toyota

Toyota will reportedly move specific safety functions presently used by Lexus to massively market its brand’s nameplate. These include driver emergency stop assist system or emergency steering assist.

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