Toyota sets out to share its hybrid-vehicle technology of over 24,000 patents for public use


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It's still unbelievable that Toyota has agreed to share its hybrid-vehicle technology of over 24,000 patents for public use by its competitors. Read it all here!

Some of our team members here at like to re-phrase the headline of this news update as “Toyota set to let the public know some of its secret hybrid-vehicle technology”. When you read the details below you will accept that in one way, they seem right to put it that way actually. So, why will the company do that?

Toyota Motor Corp of Japan has declared that it would offer free public access all through 2030 to its hybrid-vehicle technology patents. The company made this declaration on Wednesday 3rd of April 2019 while seeking the expansion of lower-emission vehicle technology use as the global automotive industry shifts towards completely electric vehicles now.


Toyota wants to empower every other automaker to invest more in hybrid vehicles

The Japanese automaker claims it would be granting licenses on almost 24,000 patents on its technologies which are seen to be used in the Toyota Prius – the first mass-produced “green car” in the world. Toyota also declared that it would be offering to even supply its competitors with the components of the hybrid-vehicle which includes batteries, power converters, and motors.

Shigeki Terashi, the executive vice president at Toyota told reporters that;

"We want to look beyond producing finished vehicles,"

"We want to contribute to an increase in take up (of electric cars) by offering not just our technology but our existing parts and systems to other vehicle makers."

This move by Toyota to allow access to its patents emphasizes its belief that hybrid vehicles are more of an effective alternative to the all-battery powered electric vehicles.

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Head of Asia Transportation research at Macquarie Securities, Janet Lewis said;

"Toyota has realized that they made a mistake by protecting their hybrid technology for years. This prevented diffusion,"

She added that;

"Toyota on its own can't get key technology accepted, but if other companies use it, that offers the best chance of expansion."

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Toyota however on top of all this, still bets on Hydrogen FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) as its ultimate zero-emissions vehicle.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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