Toyota recalls 300,000 Toyota Sienna cars due to roll-away risks


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Is your Sienna keeping up the good work?

The Toyota Sienna minivan is always one of the best for Nigerian families. The Sienna attracts Nigerian drivers by comfortable, spacious and high-quality transport alongside a great performance comparable to other rivals in the same segment. However, Toyota has recently recalled a range of Toyota Sienna models after brake-related incidents being reported.

A family using their Sienna

Toyota Sienna is always one of the best minivans to Nigerian families

Let’s hear the following story of Michael Omar - a victim of a “failed” Toyota Sienna.

“Last month, while I was on the way to Abuja from Lagos in my 2007 Toyota Sienna minivan, as I wanted to have a pee, I parked my Sienna at Benin bypass. Then unbelievably, my van started to roll away and the most terrible was that my passengers were still in the car.”

A Sienna rolling away

The Sienna started to roll away unexpectedly

Similar incidents have happened to many other Sienna owners. In fact, the problem has been discovered in Toyota Sienna models manufactured from 2005 to 2007 and from 2009 to 2010.

A Sienna model

The recall covers the 2005 - 2007 and 2009 – 2010 Toyota Sienna models

The exact problem is that: the gear lever of those involved vehicles can shift out of parking position even the brakes are not pressed. As a result, your Sienna will roll away with unengaged parking brake beyond your control.

Being a very popular family car which duplicates as school buses in our country, the Toyota Sienna should have not got that failure. Thus, a massive recall of 300,000 Sienna models is inevitable in order to keep safe driving for all passengers and kids especially.

Toyota announces that the affected Toyota Sienna models will have the shift-lock solenoids completely replaced from December 1, 2017. And certainly, Toyota will contact and arrange free repair to all customers whose Sienna vehicles get failed.

If your Sienna van still works well, carrying some inspections is not superfluous. On the other hand, if it shows any signs related to the issue, rush to the nearest service center.

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