Toyota new models can prevent rollaway risk & CO2 poisoning


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The next Toyota is coming with two added features that will protect you and your car from CO2 poisoning and roll-away risk. See how this approach will work!

As reports reach Naijauto, new features on safety would be added to the next Toyota, starting from 2020 model year, as two systems already confirmed by the Japanese automaker.

The first system would be the upgraded version of 17-year-old function that sends warning to the person behind the wheel to put the long idling engine off. This implies, the power unit will be shut down automatically by this new feature. It would also issue audible and visual warnings where available, on the smart key. At the same time, the app on the smartphone will also get another warning.

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The next production car by Toyota will be capable of combating CO2 poisoning and rollaway

Safety Research and Strategies Inc. is a company with a strong reputation on vehicle and product safety, having criticized the same automaker for CO2-related casualties in the vehicles as a result of the keyless ignition system. SRS has however acclaimed this new system. It was made known by the research firm that minimum of thirty-seven deaths are related to the system's concerns.

Sean Kane, head of SRS, believes there is higher number of victims.

Kane said:

"This is a positive announcement, and we’re glad to see it happen. But with that being said, they’re late to the game and there are no plans in that announcement to fix the vehicles that are already on the road."


Multiple deaths have been linked to the key-less entry in Toyota products in the US

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Toyota spokesperson, in response to that statement, commented:

"The safety and security of our customers are top priorities, and we sympathize with anyone in an accident involving one of our vehicles. We are pleased to see the positive response to this proactive approach. We will continue to comply with all applicable standards now and in the future."

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Rollaway risk would be removed by the second system. The system, which will be known as Automatic Park, will help in shifting the vehicle automatically into park. When it senses seatbelt unbuckling, it will apply the electronic emergency brake. By implication, there would be no pressure while opening the driver’s door and the brake pedal.

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