[Photos] Toyota President testing out the 1000hp Toyota GR SuperSport on speedway


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Would you believe that Akio Toyoda, Toyota President was spotted testing out the 1000hp upcoming hypercar prototype at the Fuji Speedway? See photos here!

How many times have you seen an update on Naijauto or other sources featuring a 1000 horsepower hypercar?

To make things more interesting, Toyota is not only producing one currently, but Akio Toyoda himself, the President of Toyota Motors was spotted recently while testing out Toyota powerful upcoming hypercar. Isn’t all that just amazing?

After the recent 24Hrs of Le Mans victory, Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) released a short video showing the Toyota President together with Kamui Kobayashi (seated at the passenger side) testing out a 2-seat production prototype of the brand’s upcoming GR SuperSport Concept at the popular Fuji Speedway together.

See the video below;

  GR Super Sport test drive by Morizo and Tomoyama president at Fuji Speedway

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This new 1000hp road-targeted Hypercar will be sharing the same base as the car that TGR will be racing under in the coming 2020/2021 WEC (World Endurance Championship) and the hypercar is expected to also use a 2.4L turbocharged V6 engine just like the brand’s current racecar – the TS050 Hybrid LMP1.

New regulations specify that Toyota, and all other 2020/2021 WEC participants which includes Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and Aston Martin, must build a minimum of 20 road-usable versions of all their race cars in the time frame of 2years of the competition’s start date.


Toyota President, Akio Toyoda (left) and Kamui Kobayashi (right) testing out the upcoming new 1000hp Toyota Hypercar

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It should be noted however that the racecar model will not be of same power capacity as the road-targeted version that was tested by Akio Toyoda because it will have to be limited to a smaller 750 horsepower in order for it to fully comply with the Hypercar regulations.

Anyone that knows the history of the Toyota President being a once popular avid racer will not be surprised why he is still involved in testing such powerful cars produced by his company.


The hypercar was tested to prepare for Word Endurance Championship

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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