Toyota leads Uber fleet with 70% of vehicles


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It was disclosed that Toyota contributed 70% of cars to Uber fleet in Nigeria.

Uber recently held an event to set up a partnership with Germaine Auto Centre - one of the accredited dealers of Toyota Nigeria Limited on maintenance for Uber operation in Lagos. It was highlighted by the Managing Director of Germaine Auto Centre, Mr. Gbenga Omolokunat the event that Toyota contributed up to 70% of cars to Uber Nigeria. This number has demonstrated the overwhelming dominance of Toyota in the Uber fleet of vehicles.

According to Uber, every vehicle wanting to join the team must pass certain tests to prove its on-road ability and the popularity of Toyota cars has always scaled up through the tests. Toyota said that their aim was to provide Nigerian users more dependable and affordable services.

The preponderance of Toyota vehicles was confirmed by the Boss of Germaine Auto Centre that every four cars on the roads, there is one Toyota vehicle.  

angular front of a red Toyota car in Nigeria

Every four cars on the roads in Nigeria, there is one Toyota vehicle

Mr. Vincent Nze, Executive Director of Germaine Auto Centre added that 80% of Toyota units sold in the past 10 years are still running on the roads of Nigeria. He further explained that Toyota models are equipped with simple and available technology. Thanks to a team of highly-qualified local technicians, Nigerian drivers can always have their Toyota cars kept in well-maintained condition. That is the reason for Toyota's respectable durability. Reliability is one of the key points that make the brand become popular in Nigeria.

Although Toyota could cost a little more to purchase, owning a second-hand Toyota is still a great idea even when the vehicle was used for many years.

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